3 Reasons I Loved LOG HORIZON Season 1


What it is:
LOG HORIZON is originally a novel series that was adapted first into manga and then into an anime.  The premise is that after the release of a new expansion, MMORPG players are sucked into the world of the game.  No one knows how or if they will ever return to the real world.  (Not something earth-shatteringly new, but I still fell in love with it.)

Reason 1 I Loved It:
No one is emo.  Well, the background characters are emo, but not our main/supporting characters.  They do stuff and try to accept how it is or *gasp* change the situation so it is better.  I’m sorry, but some of the newer anime I’ve seen (coughDEADMANWONDERLANDcough) tend to have whiny, forced to move forward characters.  It is nice to see some doers.

Reason 2 I Loved It:
The characters are competent.  Now, this doesn’t mean they can do all the things.  And they don’t have everything figured out either.  However, they have skills that can lead them to answers.  They work hard to get their results and they get good pay offs for it.

Reason 3 I Loved It:
While I don’t play MMORPGS, I do play table top RPGS.  This whole show made me want to game so bad.  I wanted to roll my dice and outsmart goblins.  It really spoke to my geeky side.

Season 2 starts this fall! I can’t wait!
Season 1 is available on Hulu.

What kind of characters ruin the story/show/movie for you?

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