The Fish


This is Lemon Hope in the 29 gallon, dining room tank.  This was the best picture I could manage after many attempts.

I’ve been a fan of gouramis since childhood.  That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise that I own some as an adult.  Right now, I own three that I named after ADVENTURE TIME characters.

Lemon Grab lives in the tank in my bedroom and he’s a blue gourami.  Goblin King lives with Lemon Grab and he’s a opaline gourami.  My third gourami lives in the large dining room tank.  This third one is named Lemon Hope (or Bad Lemon No Hope) and he’s also an opaline.

ADVENTURE TIME fans will notice I have two villain names.  Once upon a time, all the gouramis lived in the dining room tank.  Then one of them, we didn’t know which, started picking on my husband’s other fish.  (Gouramis can become jerks as they mature.)  We separated the fish and learned two were very jerky.  That’s why they were relocated to my bedroom and away from the main group.  Lemon Hope stayed because he was picked on by the other two and is well behaved (if not a bit of a coward).

This isn’t a case of them resembling the names I gave them.  It wasn’t until I had to separate them that they got their names.  It also makes giving reports to other family members a bit more fun.  (Everyone in my house watches ADVENTURE TIME).  I still remember the first day I told my husband, “Goblin King is spanking Lemon Grab’s hams.”  It was a riot, but no worries…. It was just some relentless chasing.  Lemon Grab and Goblin King have yet to have a real throw down.

Fun Fact: In my house there are four three fish tanks.
[Edited 9/22/14]

Have you ever named a pet after a favorite character?

Lemon Hope Died Oct 2014
Lemon Grab died Nov 2014

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