Before summer I was using what I called “Writing Cycles.”


No, Queenie.  But, I bring up my writing cycle method as I’m abandoning it.  It isn’t that it was unusable (I fixed the flaws).  It just isn’t the right thing for me.

Giving up my previous system I need a new system.  This one I call Prioritizing, because I decide what’s important to me at a given time and then set goals to accomplish it.  Also I acknowledge what isn’t important and can be put on the back burner.  This second part is the important one, as I always feel like I should be doing all the things at once and all the time.


You have a point, Queenie, but stop talking with your mouth full.

That cage cleaning thing… That’s exactly how it felt I was handling my writing.  I was getting it done, sure.  It just wasn’t done in an efficient manner and everything was taking me longer than it needed to.  I know I’ll never be a single project sort of person, but I was out of control. This summer I discovered I had seven projects going on at once.  No wonder I felt like I got nothing done.

After discovering my project issue I made a list of them (noting their statuses).  As I stared at them, that’s when I realized I needed priorities and I came up with this whole Prioritizing thing.  Queenie, why don’t you share the current Priority with the lovely blog readers.


Nice try, Queenie.  You get one a week.

Do you work on more than one thing at once?
How do you manage multiple projects? 
What’s your current writing priority?

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