ROW80 Round 3 Goals

ROW80I know that the round ends on September 25th and I’m jumping in totally late.  But, ROW80 knows I have a life.  And summer life has little time for writing blog posts.

Anyways, here are my goals for the round:

Finish editing GRANDMA
I want this with my Betas before October.  Totally doable.  I’m almost done.  I just can’t seem to cross the finish line!
Start editing MEOW
In theory I can finish this before end of round. I’m not trusting my theory, so I’m saying only “start editing.”

Read 85 pages
This is 25 pages for the first three full weeks and 10 pages for the half week the challenge ends on.
Lift Weights M, W, Th, and F (starting 9/3)
I won’t be lifting if my kids are home. I’m using a certain spot in the school day morning routine to fit this in.
Resume Study Meals (starting 9/10)
People who keep track of me know I like to eat my breakfasts and lunches while studying grammar and Japanese.  Basically, I’m returning to doing that.
Visit 2 ROWers per Check-in
Because to be truly part of the community you need to interact and not hide in the corner. (Even though I like hiding in the corner.)

To be on track, this week I need to:
Read 25 pages * Edit 5 pages * Lift Weights 3 days * Visit 4 ROWers

That all said, I want to share something with you guys.  I wouldn’t be a writer if it weren’t for my friend, Paul Jessup.  It is thanks to the opportunity and mentoring he gave me that I am where I am today.  But my friendship with Paul goes beyond writing.  And the only way I can think to explain his importance in the simplest of terms is to tell you he was a groomsman at my wedding and his daughter my flower girl.

Paul was diagnosed a couple of years ago with MS.  They haven’t found medicine that can help him.  That’s why some of his friends and former coworkers setup a campaign to raise money to get him a stem cell treatment.  If you can… Please?  Thanks for taking the time to read my plea.

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6 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 3 Goals

  1. Isn’t it great when you’re close to the finish line with a WIP? I love the momentum I feel when I’m at that stage.

    Good luck with your goals, and enjoy the rest of this round!

  2. Welcome to the round. It’s never too late. Wishing you all the best with your edits. I tend to hide in a corner, too, so I get it. I am so far behind on my blog visits, but trying to catch up today. Keeping your friend in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thank you for the wishes for my edits. Seems they are working over time as I finished one project 2 days sooner than I expected. 🙂 I myself just finally got around to making the blog rounds today (totally forgot to do it Monday). I always think it is better late than never! And thank you for keeping my friend in your thoughts. He’s having a tough time right now and he needs all the goodness he can get.

  3. Glad you’re back ROWing! It looks like you’ve got your goals firmly in mind. 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog! I think I’m going to like following yours. 🙂

    • It is so good to be back. My goals are aimed at getting things back in order. I’ve been working at it since the end of July. It is amazing how many “to edit” projects piled up, because that isn’t my favoritest thing.

      It was a pleasure visiting you. Thank you for following! 😀

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