Summer Thus Far…


A turtle we spotted during one of our summer state park walks.

So far this summer…  I decided to wait to get chickens. (Our plan is to sell our home in 2 years and I don’t think a chicken coop with large attached run is a selling point for most people.)  I came to the conclusion I need another pet and I keep changing between a pair of rats or a pair of guinea pigs. My standing desk became a sitting desk once more, because after walking 5 miles in the morning the last thing I want to do is stand in front of my computer.  Our family friend C moved out of state and that’s a big adjustment for us.  And, most important of all, the kids and I have not tried to kill each and we all remain sane.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling stuck with my summer writing.  I feel like I don’t get enough done.  And truth is, I don’t, but I’m not supposed to be productive this time of year.  I’m supposed to be spending time with my kids and keeping my house from becoming a pigsty.  Anyways, I had some goals going into summer.  Here’s what’s up half way through…

Write Friday nights and Wednesday mornings (family permitting) I did not write July 4th (for obvious reasons) and the 9th.  The 9th was just me being lazy. 
Edit 2 pages 3-5 days a week I did this the first week of vacation and maybe one more day.  The walks started getting longer after that.  Long walks take more time and energy.
Decide the fates of FLAMES and TJ Yet to do.
Fix pre-writing packet The day after I made my desk a sitting desk I did this.  
Finish pre-writing stuff for at least 2 projects: HAMSTER, TROLL, SPOILERS, and/or CURSED Yet to do.
Finish editing GRANDMA and send to betas. Still editing.

Go to OrginsWent! Bought dice! Had fun!
Revamped studies For the most part I’ve been keeping up with the things I study.
Once a month, front yard throw down Did it in June… Still have some July left to do it.
Read lots! I’m half way to my year goal of 20 books.

Finish and edit MEOW I’m 3 scenes from finishing the rough draft.
Attend WriteOnCon Right now I’m guessing I won’t.

I cannot guarantee all will be success, but I will continue to work at trying to make as many of these happen as possible.  I hope your summer is going well.  See you at the end of August.  I’ll be introducing my second summer vlog series next week.

Tell me about your summer. 😀

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