Summer Goals


Aiming high during summer days! (Took this during a summer walk last year)

You know what being a part of ROW80 has done to me?  It has made me addicted to having goals!  I’m so used to trying to get something done, trying to meet goals, that the thought of not having any leaves me feeling directionless.

Unfortunately, ROW80 and summer don’t line up properly for me.  Not to mention there’s not enough time for me to properly check-in.  But, hey now, I don’t need ROW80 to have goals.  I can have goals without ROW80.  Even if it does feel weird.  Like going commando when you’re so used to undies.  Or the reverse if that’s how you butter your boat.

So, yeah.  I have some summer goals!  Let me share them.

Write Friday nights and Wednesday mornings (family permitting)
These are my two chances to write during a week.  Well, as long as my husband is playing his video games (Friday) and everyone is out Wednesday morning.  I don’t want to waste the time I do get when that happens.

Edit 2 pages 3-5 days a week
Might have to lower this to 1 page, but I’m aiming high to start.  I gave myself a range as I might not want to edit on days I’ll be writing.  Though, I’ll try to do that at least once a week.

Decide the fates of FLAMES and TJ.
These are two projects I finished rough drafts for and then wasn’t sure if they were worth continuing with.  I think enough time has passed that read throughs are in order and their future (polish up  pretty or bury out back) need to be decided.

Fix pre-writing packet
While working on TJ I discovered my pre-writing packet (the stuff that organizes my cray-cray thoughts so I can write a novel out) was broken.  I’ve been putting off fixing this.  I need this fixed so I can get back to bigger works.

Finish pre-writing stuff for at least 2 projects: HAMSTER, TROLL, SPOILERS, and/or CURSED
Without the packet handy, some ideas have piled up.  Though, HAMSTER doesn’t need a full writing packet (that’s a chapter book). 

Finish editing GRANDMA and send to betas.
I’m over half done, closer to 75%, this edit pass.  After I’m done it, I’ll need to give it another read through, and possibly another edit.  However, I’m confident that I’ll have it “good for others’ eyes” by end of summer at latest.

Go to Orgins!
That’s a gaming (RPG, dice, and such), if you didn’t know.  We are planning on going just the 14th.  Not sure what kind of passes we’ll get.  But, I do hope to see some gamers I’ve gotten to know online due to my toe-dipping in the industry.  Plus, I need to replace my lost d20 Game Science die.

Revamped studies
I have a grammar rules book.  Reading a section a day is replacing my usual studying.  I made small review quizzes for my Japanese.  Doing 4 a week to review old material.  Also, trying out some CDs we came across. If they work (my husband got Spanish, so there’s two “tests”), I’ll share the info!

Once a month, front yard throw down
My front yard is a wee bit of a mess.  At least once a month I need to go out there and tend to the “landscaping.”  (I use quotes because right now you really can’t tell there was ever landscaping done.)

Read lots!
My goal is to read 20 books this year and I’ve only read 3 so far.  Summer is my reading season, so I’d like to get lots read! (Also, the TBR pile next to my bed is so big it is scaring me.)

Finish and edit MEOW
MEOW is the current chapter book I’m writing.  It would be great (in my opinion) if I got this all done before summer was over.  But, I’m not sure there will be time.

Attend WriteOnCon
I managed it last summer, but I had stuff to “take” with me.  I’d need MEOW or GRANDMA done to have “purpose.”  So, maybe?  Purpose would move it more over to “should.”

Man, I want to do a lot this summer.  I’m definitely aiming high!  But, just like with ROW80, I’ll adjust as needed.

Is there a writing habit you love and are glad you have?
What do you hope to do this summer?

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