Forget winter. Summer is coming!


June 1 Check-In

Like kids in school, I’m dying for it to be summer!  I look forward to the different way of living (no alarms!!!) and all the reading I’ll get to do.  And to be totally honest, I’m finding it hard to do what I need to do now, just like those kids.  I haven’t been giving my writing my all, to be honest.  I’m just so eager for summer!  It’s hard.  (For the record, my kids are handling the whole “Summer is coming” thing better than me.)

Anyways, as I said last update, this is “end of round” for me.  I won’t be blogging (much) after this point.  As I explained Friday, I’m not going totally blog silent, just super low maintenance.  Since I’ll be updating for the round and the past week all at once, I’ll get to it!

Every Week
Review Grammar 4 Days (breakfast)
3/4 – Kids had off Monday
26/32 – There were two days missed due to no school during the round and 4 were missed during the week I “broke” from all the self-pressure.
Study Japanese 4 Days (lunch)
3/4 – Kids had off Monday
25/32 – Again 2 No School days and the week of recovery.  Also a lazy day.  I should note that since last week, I’ve been doubling up on lessons so I’ll be done the core unit I’m on before entering summer.  Almost makes up for the missed days!
Read 25+ pages
39/25 pages
332/200 page – To be honest during my “bad week” and one other week I did not make the weekly goal.  With overages, however, I made the overall goal.
Visit 2 ROWers (minimum) Each Check-In
For the Sunday check-in I visited 4 people and for Wednesday’s I did 1.  – Summer got to me that last check-in.
For all Sundays I scored  16/16 and for Wednesdays I scored 16/16.  –  Again this was a case where overages made me even out.

Before Round Ends
Finish Writing Cycle 2 [DONE] and a complete Cycle 3 [ON].
The whole point of this was to have certain things done.  I’d say I accomplished between 50-75% of the things.  There were just so many!  I really should have scaled back my ambitions.  I did get the important stuff done. however.
Complete 5 Projects (from project/procrastination list)
Despite not finishing the removing of my carpeting, I did get 5 things done. Also, after discussion during tv time this evening, my husband and I saw a new path to take with the upstairs floor.  However, it is quite nice to have those things taken care of!
Write Kid’s Chore List, Summer Review, and Spanish Lessons [DONE]
Write My Schedule Adjustments, Japanese Review, and More [DONE]
Get Kids’ Summer Journals [DONE]
These last three were all about getting ready for summer.  And I found stuff that slipped through the tracks, like printing a map of the park’s trails so we can explore more!  Did that Thursday.  But, little things keep springing up.  I guess I can’t be entirely prepared, but mostly prepared isn’t bad!

Is there anything you’re excited for coming up?
See you in September, ROWers!


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2 thoughts on “Forget winter. Summer is coming!

  1. i’m waiting for summer – blue skies – sunshine – well we can dream:) knowing UK it will be rain all the way but hey the garden likes it – all the best with your summer, your goals and family life:) take care

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