WIPpet Wednesday: From the closet

Mini Update:
It’s starting to feel like summer around my house.  Of course, the kids are still in school and the lake is too cold to swim in, but steps are being made for summer happiness.  Eventually, everything will be in place.  Thank goodness one of things we aren’t waiting for is grilled food.  We already started that.  Nom!

This is my last WIPpet until September.  I’ll miss everyone.  When I come back, I’ll likely be sharing from another project.  I hope to have GRANDMA out of my hands by end of summer.


WIPpetWedWhat’s WIPpet Wednesday?
Wednesday is for the day of the week I (and others) share a WIPpet.  The word WIPpet is the joining of the word snippet with the acronym WIP, which stands for Work In Progress.  Using the date to conjure up a math formula, WIPpeteers (the group of people that share WIPpets) figure out how much to share.

My WIPpet Math
The date is 5/28/2014.  For the page we’ll subtract the month from the day.  28 – 5 = 23  For paragraphs we’ll add the numerals of the year. 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7

What’s My WIPpet?
GRANDMA is the code name for my contemporary fantasy MG novel.  George didn’t take Grandma having a tail too well.

This Week’s WIPpet

What looked like a kind and gentle hand to me must have looked like a monster claw of doom to George.  The way he spasmed and screamed, just before turning to run, was spectacular.

Not that he could go far.  He tripped, uprooting a fabric plant, and caught himself on the door to Grandma’s walk-in closet.  Without thinking he turned the knob and opened it.

George was pushed onto his back as screeching filled the air.  A mass of black, white, brown, and red exploded into the room.

I jumped up on the bed and hugged Grandma.  She hugged me back and we watched as the swarm started to swirl up to the tiptop of the cathedral ceiling, flying circles above us.  Like a storm cloud ready to let loose, it floated over our heads.

I wanted to call it a bat swarm, for how they flew, moved, and sounded.  But, that was one letter off from what they truly were.

“They attacked me,” George said and I could hear the tears in his voice.

“For the love of- They are just hats, George!”  Of course, even though I said that, I was not feeling safe enough to let go of Grandma.

Want to give it a go or read the WIPpeteers’ works?
KL Schwengel runs the show.
Find the linkie on her page to read the WIPpets or join in.

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11 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: From the closet

  1. I am just so enchanted by this story. I love the way the magic has touched everything, turning it into strange, living versions of what it really is. I think a hat swarm would freak me out, too!

    • Thank you, Amy. This was definitely an exercise in imagination. Trying to be not (too) predictable and coming up with lots of cool images. After the lull and non-antagonistic changes (jungle room and tail) I needed something for them to struggle with. That’s where the bats/hats came from. Glad you found George’s reaction relatable! 🙂

  2. LOL! So funny! I’m going to miss this story when you get back, but I’m sure your next story will be just as much fun. 🙂

    • I’m gad you enjoy this story. 😀

      I’m not sure what story I’ll be on come fall. During summer I hope to prep a chapter book (small chance I might finish that during summer), a YA non-murder cozy mystery style fantasy novel, an urban fantasy chick lit, and a YA psychic powers whatever the girl equivalent of bromance is. Of course, during summer, I’ll likely come up with more ideas or revive old projects…

      So, yeah. I can’t wait to find out what I’ll be sharing then, too. I do hope I am working on something everyone likes as much as this. 🙂

  3. A swarm of hats? Love it! Though… poor George.

    Have to say, having Lizzie say “For the love of–” didn’t seem to fit. She’s twelve. right? The saying feels kind of fuddy-duddy to me.

    Going to miss you this summer, Gloria.

    • Lizzie’s phrase was placeholder and I forgot. LOL

      When I was typing it I wanted to write some very adult words. (“For f—‘s sake!” was trying to get on the page.) That’s the best I could do at the time. I’m marking it now to fix when a suitable phrase comes to mind.

      Thanks! Will miss you too, Eden. And the other WIPpeteers, of course. Though, I’ll admit, I’m so excited for the break/time with my kids. 🙂

      • LOL! I love it. Sounds like the way I do some of my first drafts too.

        Breaks/time with kids sound like a lot of fun too. I make a point of doing a day out with the Boodle at least once a month. Just us, out on the town… It’s a lot of fun.

  4. This is such a fun story. Good luck as you get it ready this summer. We’ll miss seeing you around. Enjoy the sunshine!

    • When I get it out in the slush piles, with luck, people agree with you. 🙂

      I’m hoping for lots of sun, for sure. I want to do lots of walking with my kids and lots of lakeside time too. We had such a harsh winter, and the extended school days (rather than school year) have taken their toll on the whole family. We really need all the warm sun we can get!

  5. kathils

    This “The way he spasmed and screamed, just before turning to run, was spectacular.” Made me laugh out loud. This is good stuff. And hats instead of bats. All I can think is what next?!!?

    • Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 As for what’s next… Not telling. But, eventually they go to the kitchen and the orange juice spilling on the floor is reverting back into oranges. Same thing happened tot he chicken breast… Seeing that turn back to a chicken might have left scars on our duo, however.

      That’s one of my favorite parts in the book. I’m a little sad I don’t get to share that. However, I can’t wait to start something new, either!

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