Summer is Nigh


5/25 Check-In

I woke up Saturday thinking.  I was thinking about my writing projects in progress and how I do things.  That all led to me heaving a big sigh and admitting, “While my writing cycle works, it isn’t the right system for me.”  (Base Cycle info here.  Tweaks here.)

I guess, I’ll have to add “figure out a new writing schedule” to my summer goals list.  As summer has its own rules and schedule, this epiphany can wait.  But, my announcing this as my next to last ROW80 round 2 blog post?  Yeah, that can’t wait.

I’ll post all the details the 30th, but the main point is I decided not to blog this summer.  And since I’m not blogging that means I have to end my round early.

But, that’s some heavy ish to wake up and be thinking about, right?  The thoughts were inspired by writer fear.  Currently, I’m nearing the end of a rough draft (MEOW) and the end of a revised draft (GRANDMA).  And evil thoughts are creeping.  “Did I waste my time?” “Are they crap?” “Are these just more failures?”

With thoughts like that, I’m so glad summer is around the corner!  Don’t get me wrong.  I do writing stuff in summer.  However, it is just that, unlike the rest of the year, in summer writing is less of a focus of my time.

So, that’s where I am at in my life and thoughts.  Here’s where I’m at with my goals!


My summer priority and #1 focus on time. (Picture from last summer, during our morning walk.)

Every Week
Review Grammar 4 Days (breakfast)  4/4 
Study Japanese 4 Days (lunch) 3/4 – Fear led to sads and I spent one lunch on my couch watching television.  Though, I did make it up as I did a double study session the following day.  So, material wise I’m fine, just not day wise.
Read 25+ pages 84/25 pages
Visit 2 ROWers (minimum) Each Check-In I visited 4 ROWers for Sunday’s check-in and 3 for Wednesday’s.

Before Round Ends
Finish Writing Cycle 2 [DONEand a complete Cycle 3 [On Phase 1]  Started DREAM and it is off to a good start.  MEOW is just 3-4 “scenes” from finishing.
Complete 5 Projects (from project/procrastination list) [DONE] 5/5  – Dusted the shelves, which led to some culling of DVDs.  It also ate up the whole afternoon.  That sucked, as I had hoped to take my kids bike riding that day.  
Write Kid’s Chore List, Summer Review, and Spanish Lessons [DONE
Write My Schedule Adjustments, Japanese Review, and More [DONE]
Get Kids’ Summer Journals [DONE]  

Monday, everyone is home, so I’ll be losing a writing/study day.  Other than that, I’ll proceed as I have up to this point.  Summer is nigh, after all.

Do you have any “writer fear” triggers?

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8 thoughts on “Summer is Nigh

  1. Blogging is a personal thing, and if you don’t feel up to doing it, that’s totally okay. Although I am sorry to hear that you’re ending your round early.

    Goals wise – looks like you kicked major butt there, so congrats!

    • It isn’t that I don’t feel up to it rather that blogging (in my opinion) is definitely lower on the totem pole of what I should be doing with my precious little summer writing time. I’d much rather spend my writing time, you know, writing. 😉

      In the end, I’ll not finish my goal of doing more Cycles, but it isn’t a big loss. I did well with everything else. And I got the major things I wanted to done.

  2. I’m gonna miss you… but have a great summer andwe’ll see you in the fall, or whenever. You’re definitely doing a great job here.

    • Oh, why thank you, John. That was sweet of you to say that. 🙂

      I know I’ll be missing ROW80/all the ROWers (and the other group I belong to, WIPpet Wednesdays/the WIPpeteers). I didn’t make this choice lightly and I almost didn’t go through with it. But, I really wanted to do things in a way that was best for my family and my writing this summer.

      I’ll probably hop in for whatever is left of round 3 come September. Knowing me, I’ll be back the first chance I get!

  3. Sounds reasonable that you’d have to cut back on blogging for the summer. Besides, they say if blogging is keeping you from writing, stop blogging (unless of course blogging is your main writing). Maybe you can give us a once a month update or something?

    • I have plans. MUAHAHAHA!

      I mean, while I am not blogging, this is not going blog silent. I prepared for summer. 😀 (Details on Friday.)

  4. sounds like you didn’t make the decision lightly – doing what is best for you is the right thing – hope to see you back for round three though- all the best:)

    • I have to admit that ROW80 is in my blood now and is hard to part from. I even came up with summer goals, because I’m so used to having goals. Since I’m so addicted, I’m certain I’ll be back. 🙂

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