Bonus Points

Fill it with accomplishments!

Bonus points is something I recently started for myself.  It is a rewards system.  But, unlike my shiny sticker system, this one has a more lucrative reward.  However, I’m not going to tell you exactly how I’m doing this.  See, bonus points is a highly adaptable system.  I’d rather share the concept than tell you one way it can go.

So, what are bonus points?  They are something tangible.  They can be a bead you put in a jar, a coin you put in a cute piggy bank, or tally marks in the corner of your day planner.  They are a real thing and they are the immediate reward.  You did something awesome, so you get a bonus point!

What did you do?  Something you want to reward yourself for.  It is a celebration of life’s little wins.  Ready for a whole bunch of examples?  #1- Taking the dog for that extra lap around the block. #2- Fixing the hole in a shirt the moment you see it rather than “later.”  #3- Drinking a glass of water instead of a soda.  #4- Surpassing a word count goal by 500 words or editing an extra page.

These small rewards, these bonus points, add up.  If you do something like a piggy bank, the money obviously adds up.  You can take that money and get yourself something nice.  If you do tally marks or beads, eventually you get a whole bunch of them.  Maybe 100 marks/beads and you can go see a movie.  Perhaps you fill the jar/page of planner and you’ll give yourself a whole day in bed to read books.  The idea is that the little bits lead up to something bigger.

What kinds of things do you reward yourself for?
What rewards do you give yourself?

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