5/11 Check-In

Thursday was my first bi-weekly (as in every 2 weeks) day of play.  Because, I’m bad at letting myself do fun stuff.  I have to admit… It was hard.  As I watched my daughter wait for the bus, I contemplated what to do with my time.  My first thought?  “Why don’t I prune the front yard!  That will be fun!”  It didn’t take my brain to go “When did that become fun?” Then I realized I was trying to justify a productive activity to fill my happy, happy fun time.

And, I have to admit that productivity did slip in.  However, I can justify this better than I can pruning my front yard.  I went for a 3 mile dog walk.  Usually I go 1.25 to 1.8 miles, but I always want to do more (for the sake of my husky).  On an average day the time is just not there for me to do that.  Since time wasn’t an issue, I did the extra walking.  It was fabulous!  As was the rest of my day which I spent playing some Kingdom Rush Frontiers, getting my toes summer shoes ready, painting my nails, and watching some LOG HORIZON (a pretty interesting anime about people sucked into a MMORPG).

She's not about the books.  She's about the walkies!

She’s not about the books. She’s about the walkies!

Also, I continued to adjust to my new schedule and learned something new.  Even though I like my writing to happen in the morning, on Wednesdays it has to be in the afternoon.  Not a big deal, just something I have to note.  As for my goals…

Every Week
Review Grammar 4 Days (breakfast)  4/4 
Study Japanese 4 Days (lunch) 4/4
Read 25+ pages 42/25 pages
Visit 2 ROWers (minimum) Each Check-In I visited 2 ROWers for Sunday’s check-in and 3 for Wednesday’s.

Before Round Ends
Finish Writing Cycle 2 (Phases 2 [DONE& 3 [On]) and a complete Cycle 3.  The more I look at this goal and how much time I have left, the more I think I won’t make it.  That said, I’m not going to stop trying.  Vlogs are coming along.
Complete 5 Projects (from project/procrastination list) 2/5  – I’m considering the uncarpeting still in progress because it is.  Went over my list and discovered I did one thing without noticing (recycling grocery bags).  Tuesday it was so nice out I got the power tools out and the lattice up on the back deck.  
Write Kid’s Chore List, Summer Review, and Spanish Lessons [DONE
Write My Schedule Adjustments, Japanese Review, and More [DONE]
Get Kids’ Summer Journals I still have about 3 weeks to do this… I’ll be getting this at the last minute, won’t I?

I’m hoping with every little bit of me that I can finish the vlogs this week.  Then, I’m not sure what. I mean, traditionally I get 3 days off before I start Cycle 3 Phase 1.  I might not take all 3 days.  We’ll see.  Since I am going to spend summer editing more than writing, I’m hoping to get the rough of MEOW (chapter book’s code name) done.  I need to get to Cycle 3 Phase 1 to do that!

Do you find it hard to relax and have fun?

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8 thoughts on “Must. Be. PRODUCTIVE!!!

  1. The longer walk sounds amazing. You’ve accomplished so much in the past week! All the best in the weeks ahead.

    • It was a great walk. There have been these Canadian geese hanging about and saw the goslings they hatched (4) that day and lots of groundhogs. And the weather was fabulous.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bev!

  2. Wow, you’ve been busy! Great job this week. I have the same issue when it comes to play vs work. I’m very pragmatic about my approach to things and I tend to put play as “non-essential” when it should be considered otherwise. Hang in there. It’ll come.

    • I think since writing is such a long process and with a never ending supply of ideas that we try to find as much time as we can to devote to it. However, sometimes the wrong things can suffer. As much as I love writing… I love my sanity as well. I don’t think they’d print stuff I wrote on padded, white walls. 😉

  3. Congrats on all your great progress! And in answer to your question: YES. I have an incredibly hard time taking time off. Denise wrote a little about that in her post this week for the ROW80 blog. But yeah, the last time I gave myself a night off I ended up writing a blog post for my personal blog. Which is still writing! =*/ Your day off sounds amazing & I love your idea of scheduling one every couple of weeks. I will try that. Did you feel recharged the next day?

    • I’m not sure how it felt come the next day as it was not my favorite day of the week. While most people look forward to Friday… I don’t. I clean my entire house that day (and 3 fish tanks). And the fact it needs to be done every week tends to bum me out. My favorite day of the week is Monday. No cleaning, kids at school, and all the time I want to devote to writing!

      But, on the day I had so much fun I had no regrets taking it off. Usually I feel a little bit of guilt (even if it is taking 10 minutes to watch a youtube video).

  4. I love taking my dog for long walks. It’s so relaxing and gives me a chance to let my mind wander. I also like the idea of scheduling a fun day. I could use one of those!

    Have a great week, Gloria. 🙂

    • I am one of those people that has to pay attention while walking. Otherwise, “Hello, Mr. Cement!”

      Honestly, I think, as adults, we tend to not give ourselves enough “playtime.” We’re always focused on getting the not fun, adult stuff taken care of.

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