A Fish Tale

Daughter's Fish Tree Double Tail Betta (Click for Bigger Image)

Daughter’s Fish
Double Tail Betta
(Click for Bigger Image)

I promise this is the last of the fish talk for a while!  I promised to tell this tale, and so I will.

On Sunday, March 8th we got the my kids their first pets.  My kids picked out their fish and I assessed health.    They were great: swimming right and not showing signs of illness (no ick on those scales).  We bought them and I checked in on them as we drove.  They were great for most the ride.  Most.  I don’t know when (aside close to home) or why (for certain), but at some point something happened to my son’s fish.  Don’t think it was his fault, though.  I was the one holding the fish.

Anyways, we got out of the car and I looked at my son’s fish.  On the bottom! On its side!  We called the store about the return policy. (Learned they ask for the fish, dead or alive. Dead fish are incinerated because it is more eco-friendly than flushing.)  We gave the fish an three hours to “sort itself” (maybe it was jumbled from the ride and otherwise healthy).  The fish got worse.  So, back to the store.

Our pet store is just over half an hour away.  It closes at 6pm on Sundays.  We left at 5pm, after dinner.  We had counted on smooth sailing. Of course, Universe said, “NOPE!”  There was an accident so bad one of the interstate’s lanes got closed.  Instead of two lanes, there are one.  And the idiots were out in full force.  Do I need to elaborate on this?  (I won’t.)


Son’s Fish
Crown Tail Betta
(Click For Bigger Image)

But, the Universe wasn’t a douche (unlike at least 2 of those drivers I encountered around the accident).  We made it! I dropped hubby and son off in front of the store and parked the car.  5:56pm.  Just barely.

Hubby and I had a theory.  We were convinced that since the fish was fine most of the time that we hit a bump or pot hole that sent it slamming against its container.  Potholes are plentiful thanks to the rough winter.  He insisted that they put the replacement fish in a bag, as the soft sides would help avoid the reoccurring of the issue.

This second fish made it home fine.  My daughter’s fish remained perfectly fine too (and since my son’s fish and hers were stacked on top of each other on my lap, that causes so much “WTF” about son’s first fish).

The fish have integrated easily enough into our daily lives.  They have quite different personalities.  I really do hope Marco “out grows” his shyness.  It was so hard to get his picture!  Tree is very much a people person and when not people watching loves to hide in his log.

Side Note: Since moving my gourami to their own tank, I was able to start telling them apart.  (Maybe that means I should name them.)  Turns out one of them is a huge douche (either brought on by move or it was just easier for him to hide it in the bigger tank). Also the smallest one gets pushed around by the douche and the other one (dude, just cause you’re bullied doesn’t mean you should take it out on other people fish).  If I could cuddle fish, I would cuddle the tiny one. 

What would you name a fish?

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7 thoughts on “A Fish Tale

  1. They’re so pretty!! (★^O^★) That sucks about your son’s first fish’s…early..uh..death? (-_-). Fishes with personality is the cutest thing ever.

    • It was still somewhat alive when we returned it. We felt bad for the fish. “You get to leave the store!” [something happens] “We no want you defect! Back to store!”

      But, son really likes this fish. He even asked about who would care for it while he was sleeping over at Grandpa’s. I’m proud of them both. They are showing true responsibility. Of course, it has only been a week. 😉

  2. Think maybe the store can rehabilitate the one that appeared dead?

    I hope your kids are better than we were with our first fish. My aunt decided to buy each of us a fish and a little bowl to raise them in. One of us decided his fish needed a bath, and added Lux liquid to the water. Another thought his would like some orange juice. All you could see was the eyes as the poor fish swam around. The third I think saw what had happened to the other two and had a heart attack.

    • On the way back to the store that fish banged hard against the lid so many times… We are hoping somehow it did get better, but if we thought it really would, we would have kept it.

      Those poor fish! But, when you don’t know that sort of stuff tends to happen.

      We educated the kids about the fish before getting them. We talked about daily care and that there was a big weekly care thing. And to have any hope to get their dream pet (girl – hamster | boy – turtle), this fish better be alive by this time next year.

  3. I never had fish, but my aunt had a few giant goldfish that she’d name things like “Sushi,” and “Sashimi.” To this day I can’t decide if I think those are great fish names, or kind of awful… 😉

    • I think they’re kind of great names. But, I’m a lot like your aunt. I want a Flemish Giant (type of rabbit) and I decided years ago to name it Barbecue if I ever do get it. MUAHAHAHAHA! 😉

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