WIPpet Wednesday: Don’t cover a kid’s mouth… Ew!

WIPpetWedWhat’s WIPpet Wednesday?
Wednesday is for the day of the week I (and others) share a WIPpet.  The word WIPpet is the joining of the word snippet with the acronym WIP, which stands for Work In Progress.  Using the date to conjure up a math formula, WIPpeteers (the group of people that share WIPpets) figure out how much to share.

My WIPpet Math
The date is 3/12/2014.  The page.  For that we’ll start with 12.  Then, we’ll borrow the 1 from 14 (the last 2 digits of the year).  Let’s add those and get 13.  That leaves us a 3, a 0, a 2, and a 4.  Let’s add those for a 9.  We’ll make them paragraphs.

What’s My WIPpet?
Same as it has been.  My MG novel, GRANDMA.  This week, Lizzie is giving snotty faced George a tour of what it was supposed to be like.  Then, kids act like kids.

This Week’s WIPpet
I reached into my backpack and grabbed some tissues I had left in there. They were covered with the bits of things, like cookie, leaf, pencil shavings, and whatever else, gathered at the bottom of bags people used a lot.

Because, I couldn’t stand to look at him anymore, I shoved it in his face. He readily took over. I took that chance to look around once more.

I looked to the right. Just like the front door, there was a thick, even a gnat couldn’t fly between, layer of branches.

“The living room is on the other side,” I told George. And though I wanted to know just how thick the wood was, I didn’t reach out my hand and knock on it.

Before he could talk, I pointed to where he had ran. Right to the big trunk that was the base of this monstrous, ever growing tree. “That was a small walkway that went to Grandma’s studio. And right here,” I gestured opposite the front door. “These are supposed to be stairs.”

“There’s no-” George’s words stopped mid-sentence, because I covered his mouth with my hand.

I had meant to tell him, “There’s still hope.” However, I instead let out “EW!” No one likes having their mouth covered.

The creep licked the palm of my hand.

I reached over trying to rub the spit he had smeared on my hand on his shirt, but he took three quick steps away from me. And to add insult to injury, he told me, “You deserve that!”

Want to give it a go or read the WIPpeteers’ works?
KL Schwengel runs the show.
Find the linkie on her page to read the WIPpets or join in.

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TJ – The flawed project. It’s chilling.  Will read over during cycle 2.3.
Nerite – Short story for my resolution.  Will hopefully get Beat Reader ready by end of cycle 2.2.
Closure – An un-abandoned  project. Current #1 priority.
Grandma – MG novel.  Still in edits.
Meow – A chapter book.  Next big project, unless the hamster wins.
Dating – Short story 2 of this year. After Closure.
Dream – Fun project. After Closure.

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14 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Don’t cover a kid’s mouth… Ew!

  1. LOL That was cute! When is GRANDMA coming out? (★^O^★)

  2. Hahaha! I love that. I’d have tried to bite, I think. Licking works too. 😉

    • When writing this, I had this vivid memory of me and my ex-stepbrothers covering each other’s mouths. We used to lick the palms. Though, after a while it stopped working as we got used to each other’s spit.

  3. Yuck (in a good way)… I had a great visual on that tissue, but I guess you gotta use what you’ve got.

    • Totally took this bit from my childhood. I would put tissues (just in case) in bags, but when I pulled them out they were like that. Didn’t stop happening until they started making those ones in the re-seal-able plastic bag dispensers.

  4. I’m having a bit of trouble “seeing” the place the way Lizzie is describing it, but I got a really clear picture of those tissues and the hand incident. 😉

    • I think I am relying on the descriptions up to this point to help set the stage. Though, I will keep in mind what you said. It could just be weak over all, too.

      • Grand scale issues… 😉

        It could also be that its hard to imagine the “past house” because we’re still stuck on the “what happened here?”

  5. 🙂 Doesn’t it just irritate you down to your toes when you have something insightful to say and someone makes the moment disappear? I suppose, though, she should have seen that coming. Good thing it wasn’t a bite!

    • It totally is annoying. Lizzie really needs to spend more time with her friends (less with Grandma) to avoid pitfalls like hand licking. But, then again, being with Grandma has benefits too.

  6. Stuff at the bottom of my purse gets like that. *Makes mental note to clean out purse*

    And the licking? Been there. Done that. Have also licked faces, as necessary. It works. 🙂

    • I only carry tissues in the plastic bag/cover/dispensers these days to avoid the crud. And I swear you can clean a purse (or bag of choice) once a week and you’ll still have a pound of that stuff at the bottom. It is a bag curse!!!

      I’ve licked too. Originally I was going to let her say what she was going to, but the licking came to mind. Kids must be kids!

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