3/9 Check-In

Fish are what are on my mind.  As some know, my kids are getting their very first pets today, betta fish.  They both have tanks set up in their rooms.  Cycling and breeding good bacteria on decorations has been happening.  The kids have care cheat sheets, made by moi.  It is exciting!  What colors will they pick?  What fin style?  Weee!

And guess what.  I got a tank in my bedroom now, too.  In our dining room we have a 29 gallon tank.  It is my husband’s, but it housed 3 gouramis.  My gouramis.  You can see through me, right?  You know something happened.

One of the gouramis (intentional or not) rammed and killed one of my husband’s ghost catfish.  We had this fish less than a week (bought it the 1st and discovered the still alive and mangled fish the 6th).  You can buy 2 of my gourami for the cost of one of my husband’s glass cats.  Even worse, the gouramis started picking on old man glass cat (a fish we bought in 2008).  Hence, new tank.  And from the look of things, they seem to like it.


Son’s tank pre-decoration insertion. He even has the food right there, waiting.

But, I’m guessing most of you didn’t come for the fish tales.  You’re here for a peek at my writer life.  I wrote all my writing days, except Friday.  Friday night I was evicting and relocating my gouramis.  In my writing I’ve been focusing on finishing (code names) TJ and CLOSURE.  I’m happy to announce I finished TJ.  As it was my “main project” that determine’s Cycle 1.2’s end (see here for cycling schedule details), I’ll need to pick a new priority project.  I will do that once CLOSURE is done.  I really do want it done.

The sticker plan remains quite motivating, too.  Since it is a new month, that means new meaning for my Angry Birds stickers.  This month the focus is video games.  This is a two fold reason.  #1) Main game I mean to play is Brain Age (to strengthen my mind).  #2) Hubby and I want to get rid of our PS2 by the end of the year and I have unfinished games on it.  Not bad reasons, right?  Well, then… It is for science! Maybe?  Ummm…

Goals Update
Every Week
Review Grammar 4 Days (breakfast) – 4. Perfect score!
Study Japanese 4 Days (lunch) – 4. This one too!
Visit 2 ROWers (minimum) Each Check-In – Visited 2 ROWers on Monday and 3 on Thursday.

Before Round Ends
Write/Finish 1 Short Story – It awaits cycle 2.2’s start.  
Write 10,000 Words On TJ – 7,104/10,000 | 71% done – TJ will be replaced by another project at some point…. Soon?
Complete 5 Projects (from project/procrastination list) – 5/5 | Will try to overachieve, if possible.

Do you have a favorite type of aquarium fish?

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13 thoughts on “Fishy

  1. My parents got us our first betas, too! We got a male, but I forgot his name. And then we had goldfish. 😀

  2. Looking great this round, Gloria! Excellent progress.

    Wish I had something to say about the fish, but I know zip, zero, nothing about them. My entire experience involves my college freshman roommate’s obese goldfish and its eventual demise. Sounds like y’all will have some lovely aquariums, though. Enjoy!

    • Thank you!

      I’ve had aquariums in my life since I was in elementary school. No one in my family is a fanatic, though. We just muddle our way and try to do our best regarding fish. No obese fishies here.

  3. When I was at the Museum of Natural History in DC last week, they had a clown fish and whatever blue fish Dora is together in a tank. Wisely done, museum curators. Wisely done. I probably would throw those two types together if I had a fish tank. 🙂

    • I fear salt water tanks because are so much work and can be so fickle. Though, the fish are amazing. If I had the courage to do a tank like that, I’d love a clown fish and a blue tang for sure, too! 🙂

  4. Yay! A big congrats on finishing your WIP. 🙂

    I haven’t had a pet fish in a long time. I have three cats, and any fish that took up residence in my apartment would lead a short life, sadly. Sounds like great fun for your whole family, though.

    • We had a fifty-five gallon tank going when we had our cats. More than once we did have to chase a furry off. Then, the fish got BIG and started scaring the cats (and me). Now, we just have 3 dogs and that tank houses the world’s most spoiled hamster. Dogs and hamster do make fish keeping way easier. 😉

  5. I have never had fish, but my aunt used to have these giant goldfish that were really enjoyable to watch. There’s something so relaxing about fish swimming around in a nice tank. Congrats on all your tanks! I think it’s great that your kids are getting their first fish – should be fun! 🙂

    • They are great to watch while sorting through thoughts. I do paperwork and studying at my dining room table. When I need a moment to think or calm the noggin, I stare at the fish. Then sometimes I forget what I’m doing!

      The kids totally are digging the fish. Love seeing them mature and able to take care of something. 🙂

  6. Congrats on all your fab progress, Gloria, & loved your posts about Cycling & Sticker rewards, too. So many good ideas for staying motivated! Also super appreciate how out-of-the-box your approach to writing schedule/process is.

    • Thank you, Sione. 🙂

      I came up with my schedule for so many reasons. Main reason was the traditional “write – edit – submit” didn’t fit my needs or “sensibilities.” This approach is definitely suiting me much better.

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