Neglected Stickers


2/23 Check-In

What’s been going on in my life?
Last Sunday, was fairly normal, but brought me sadness. I realized the new season of DOWNTON ABBEY is almost done airing for the year. Last one is tonight.  Monday, the kids had off for Presidents’ Day. The weather widget spent most the morning saying -11(F) at me, so we stayed in.  Tuesday was a snow day.  Obviously, we stayed in.  I survived those days thanks to my “Snow Day Emergency Writing Plan.”  For once, I actually got studff done!  Woot!  Wednesday through Saturday were normal.  Though, Friday did come with some whipped cream vodka. Yum!

How are the plans going?
For this month, it seems I’m averaging 10 stickers a week.  I earned 1 Angry Bird’s sticker this week (earned for watching 30 minutes of a Korean Drama).  I’m not sure if I’ll continue TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU.  The changes (from manga) bug me the more I think about it.  Sure, the male lead is Minho from SHINee/current host of SHOW! MUSIC CORE, but that’s not enough.  Maybe if it had been Taemin…  If I do drop the drama, I’ll try to catch some Korean and Japanese movies over on Hulu.  Leigh has been telling me I should watch WHITE, but it isn’t on Hulu anymore.  Boo!

They so lonely this week.

They so lonely this week.

Far less bumpy going is my new writing schedule.  I finished Cycle 3 and thus have completed a full… If I call the parts cycles, what are the wholes?  Well, I did a whole thingy!  Honestly, I didn’t think I would finish everything I was doing as fast as I had.  And the timing is perfect, as I’ll explain when I reveal my plans for the week.  This has been working out well for me and I think I’ll be sticking with it until summer.

Goals Update
Every Week
Review Grammar 4 Days (breakfast) – Presidents’ Day & Snow day each took away 1. Did 2.
Study Japanese 4 Days (lunch) – Presidents’ Day & Snow day each took away 1. Did 2.
Visit 2 ROWers (minimum) Each Check-In – Visited 2 ROWers on Monday and 2 on Thursday.

Before Round Ends
Write/Finish 1 Short Story – It’s still chillin’ like a villain.  
Write 10,000 Words On TJ – 5,041/10,000 | 50% done – Occurs during Cycle 1’s
Complete 5 Projects (from project/procrastination list) – 3/5 | Did a Procrastination List item

This Week’s Plan
The end of Cycle 3 doesn’t mean 1 day off.  No, it means 3 days off.  Perfect timing as my husband is taking a week off work.  During his stay-cation, I’ll also be taking off from my meal time studies.  I’ll do my best to keep up my visits.  There’s temptation to extend my writing time off to match his.  Not sure if I will as I have so much to write!

Any Japanese or Korean Hulu movie suggestions for me?

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8 thoughts on “Neglected Stickers

  1. Here’s my Pinterest Page with Asian movies and dramas that I’ve seen and liked. Hope these help! 😀

  2. Wish I had some film suggestions for you, but I’m checking out Tiffany’s board for hints too. 😀

    Love all the progress you’re making, Gloria, especially that writing progress. And with a “big shift” in school/kid’s home schedules… (we had winter break last week with two snow days the Thurs & Fri before, so I am really impressed). My vote? keep writing on the stay-cation, just with a bit less time. But really do what’s working for you. You’ve got something going here.

    • Honestly, I feel behind because of the kids’ numerous snow days. I feel I should have finished this cycle sooner. And this winter doesn’t seem to be letting up. Hopefully, The next cycle can take a wee bit less time.

      I probably will write on Friday night, at least. (That’s when I run out of earned writing time off, anyways.) But, for after that… I’m not sure how they’ll give my husband his extra time off. He may not go to work until Wednesday/March 5th if they give it to him straight across, but they could have him come back as early as Monday and pepper the rest of the week with the days off. I think my firm decision will be made once we know his schedule for next week and after I know what we accomplish this week.

      Yesterday (Monday), we spent a good portion of the morning running errands, and the afternoon was spent relaxing/dealing with at home stuff. Today, we’re doing much the same. And there’s a chance of snow day tomorrow. So, it could be I end up too busy to write and what not when normal writing schedule should resume.

      • This winter does seem to be outstaying its welcome, for sure. I hope you can catch up on that writing so you don’t have to feel more behind, Gloria.

  3. Good luck with your goals this week, Gloria. I find that I’m a lot less productive whenever my hubby’s at home–maybe it’s the anime he always has going in the background, or maybe I just feel like if he’s home I should be spending time with him instead of my characters. And I know so many writers out there have had their writing schedules thrown off by snow days this winter. Personally, I’m more than ready for spring to arrive! 😉

    • Oh, watching anime near me is dangerous! I’ll get all distracted, end up sitting next to you, and be all “Play the next one!” 😉

      But, I’m a lot like you in the feeling the need to spend time with the husband if he’s home. The exception to this is on Fridays when he gets to finally play video games (rest of the week he has no chance). I just spend the night doing #writeclub on Twitter with headphones on. Though, that doesn’t insure I will not be distracted. I’ll watch him play some days instead of getting my words written. (Oblivion is so pretty!)

      Spring needs to hurry, for sure.

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