Forgetting To Celebrate More


Just a few everyday pieces from THE DEAD LADY COLLECTION. We got a lot of things.  A lot.

I have a considerable amount of Easter decorations.  Some I’ve used once.  Others I’ve never put out.  I’m not complaining that “I wasted money.”  I was given all these things.  Most are from what my husband and I refer to as “The Dead Lady Collection.”*

Thing is, I have these things.  It doesn’t cost anything, just minutes, to put them out.  So, why don’t I?

Valentines day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and all that aren’t like Halloween and Christmas. They’re lesser holidays, and not worth the hassle. No one will notice I if I don’t. No one will care if I do. It isn’t worth bothering about when there are more important things to do.

As a kid I remember being upset that we didn’t decorate at home for Valentine’s and other smaller holidays.  What happened to me?  Like those Little Debbie commercials, I need little me to come and school me.  Seriously.

But, I know what happened.  I grew up.  You know, how school went from fun and parties to “You’re here to learn, not anything else.”  During that time, that celebrate and decorate part of me died too.  And looking at it with un-jaded, not-lazy eyes I was able to see the truth.  I forgot that celebrating means an extra bit of happiness.  Not everything can be Halloween or Christmas happy.  Not everything should be written off as a going-through-the-motions gift or meal.  There’s got to be anticipation and a bit of soaking in it.

So, I’m going to do my best to celebrate things a little bit more.  I’ll take those 10 minutes and spend a few bucks.  I’m not too old, they are as important as I want them to be, and any extra joy it can bring is all worth it.


On my front door.


Putting on my table later today.

I started decorating for Valentine’s already.

What do you need Little Debbie commercial mini-you to come school you on?

*- A friend of my father’s passed away.  The out-of-state daughter allowed him to take just about anything he wanted.  A good amount of this stuff ended up at my house.  

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3 thoughts on “Forgetting To Celebrate More

  1. kathils

    All of the above, that’s what I need to be schooled on. I used to decorate for a lot of holidays. Now, it’s Christmas and that’s it. I think because it became too much ‘hassle’. Not enough time in the day, why put up something I’m just going to have to take down a week later? You know, that idiotic philosophy of adulthood.

    • When I was a kid, I swore I’d decorate for all the things. You surpassed me that you at least did it, even though you stopped. I’m just finally doing it now.

      I dislike how in adulthood we can label things a hassle so easily. And rarely it is truly the stuff that deserves the label.

      • kathils

        Adults need to be more childlike. We’re so eager to “grow up” when we’re kids…there’s a big difference between being childlike and childish. I’m trying to reclaim my inner child.

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