Vampire Academy [Graphic Novel]

Reading*** Disclaimer ***
I have been an acquaintance of the adapter of this comic, Leigh Dragoon, since September 2007.  We have become friends over the years, sharing our writing journey and supporting each other.  She is really a great person and I feel lucky to have made this connection with her.  I’ll admit that I solely picked up the graphic novel of VAMPIRE ACADEMY because she was involved with it. In other words, my opinion could be considered tainted… RUN AWAY (if so inclined). 

What I say the book’s about:
This is a graphic novel version of Richelle Mead’s VAMPIRE ACADEMY.  You know, the book that’s been turned into a movie that comes out tomorrow. (Talk about timing!  Seriously, it was a coincidence.)  The story is about a Vampire Princess and her Wanna-Be Guardian/Childhood Friend.  They don’t want to be at the Academy, because they feel it isn’t safe.  Alas, they have to be there.  And they’re right.  Being there proves to be dangerous. (Doesn’t it always?)

What I thought about the book:
I have not read the proper book.  Therefore, I cannot comment on how Leigh did.  I can comment that the story (unlike times in PRIDE, PREJUDICE, AND ZOMBIES) feels smooth and makes sense.  There was no drag and I wasn’t left confused at any point.  As for the art, it is beautiful.  Emma Vieceli does a great job.  And this is a high compliment from me.  Normally, all color comics turn me off (manga addict, yo).  But, the pallet she chose didn’t offend my black-and-white-loving eyes.


I had to chase my husky around the house to get this picture. She must not like vampires.

After reading the graphic novel, I want to see the movie and I want to buy the next graphic novel, FROSTBITE.  Yeah, I know I should want to read the book, but… Have you seen my To Be Read pile?  I need to love things to add to it.  I didn’t love it enough to do that, but I am interested enough that I do want to see/know more.  However, I think the graphic novel is a great way for someone to get acquainted with VAMPIRE ACADEMY.  If you don’t want to go blind into the movie, but don’t have time for the book, this is a great bet.  Once I finished it, I actually paid attention and recognized scenes I read in the movie’s commercials.  Also, if you aren’t sure if you want to see the movie/read the series, this graphic novel could help you decide.

What have you been reading?

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One thought on “Vampire Academy [Graphic Novel]

  1. Adam Weber

    Having a friend who supports you is great.

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