Skipping WIPpet Wednesday This Week

WIPpetWedWith everything that’s been not going as planned, I have not done any real writing or even editing.  I just poked at stuff.  And not even interesting poking.  More like, drooling on myself and likely making it worse poking.

But, more importantly…. I want to apologize.  I couldn’t return WIPpet visits for last week.  I’m very sorry.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by and read my WIPpet then.  You are kind and had reactions to it I was hoping for. It made me very happy.

I’ll see you all next week and return the visit.  Promise.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~     ~*~      ~*~     ~*~
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TJ – The flawed project. No change.
Nerite – Short story for my resolution.  Poked it.
Closure – An un-abandoned  project. Untouched.
Grandma – MG novel.  Nada.
Meow – Chapter book.  Still only an outline.
Dating – Short story outlined. Same.

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2 thoughts on “Skipping WIPpet Wednesday This Week

  1. See you next week!

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