Reading 2013 and 2014 Goal

In 2013 I read:


Not included in the picture is a book I (started reading in 2012 and) finished and three books I started (and didn’t finish before the end of) last year.

That all said, I am going to admit something… I’m not the world’s best reader.  I read sloooow.  My husband would wait until I was half through the Potter books (just after they were released) before starting to read, so we could finish around the same time (and he still beat me).  So, those 17 books up there?  That’s a big achievement for me.

But, I think I can do better.  For 2014 I’d like to read 20 books.  I’m not counting the started in 2013 books, so I’m glad I got those recently cleared away.  Time to get reading!

Do you have a reading goal for 2014?

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2 thoughts on “Reading 2013 and 2014 Goal

  1. Not exactly a reading goal, Gloria, but the reading comes naturally with the Kindle app on my phone and tablet. I’ll just let the flow take me into the unknown…

    • For me it isn’t so natural, as I get distracted by all the hobbies! Drawing, building hamster toys, crocheting and so on take hands and concentration. I do my best to find time for reading.

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