The Future of My Blogging

Last week, I talked about my questioning/answering why I blog.  After answering that question, I asked myself how I can blog to fill that purpose better.  It took a while to get that answer, but I think I have it.


I shared the exciting owl story, but I need to share more!

The answer I came up with was “be more myself.”  Not that I’m not myself, but I very irregularly and disjointedly share about myself and interests.  My interests fuel my writing/refill the creativity well and deserve more celebrating.  Also, I share very little at home, not-writer moments due to fear of being found boring.  If I fear showing these things about myself, how can I ever expect to connect with others?

And as I thought about the above, I also came to realize I wanted was a less formal blog posting schedule.  (Time to break my addiction!)  I do love schedules and what are basically “prompts” to write to, however sometimes that means forcing posts.  Forcing posts is like forcing a smile and can drive people off.  So, I decided to post “regular” posts less often and allow for certain posts to be entirely driven by whim.  After all, I post twice a week already thanks to my involvement in ROW80 (now reporting on Sundays) and WIPpet Wednesday.  It isn’t like the blog will get cobwebs and die from lack of feeding.

However, the choices above made me realize a blogging practice of mine needs to come to an end.  There will be no more Writing Music posts.  However, I plan to add notes to the end of posts when I’ve added to My Writing Music Playlist (contains most of the previous Writing Music songs, minus removed videos, bad quality ones, and NSFW ones).  Because, even though I am moving on, I can’t entirely give it up.

Do you prefer writers that are more themselves or all business?


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2 thoughts on “The Future of My Blogging

  1. kathils

    My preference turns towards writers that inject a bit of themselves, and some humor, into their posts.

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