Not So Social Networking

A blue bird worth following?

In December, I was reading through my Twitter feed.  I reached a point where I was “Why do I even follow this person?  Or this person?  Who the heck is this?”

At that point, I realized something.  Over half my list were just people I followed back (something I do only 75% if the time).  And these people never had anything to say that spoke to me and they didn’t care about anything I said.  We were nothing more than notches on each other’s bedposts.

I didn’t like that, so I did a massive unfollow that day.  I figured, if I was wrong and those did care what I had to say, they would stay following me and @me that or some later day… I went from nearly 350 followers to under 300.

But, you know what?  I’m happier with my Twitter feed now.  I see more.  I care more about it.  It isn’t wading through trying to find the gems.  I regret nothing.  Which is why I had another good, hard think session.

Starting this year, I want my social media to mean something.  I don’t want empty numbers.  I want my feed full of people I want to RT and share posts from.  In other words, people I care about and want to help.  That’s why I plan to give everyone a shot, but cull my list so I get stuff that matters.  Additionally, I’d rather have 10 people that care about what I have to say than 500 people that don’t even read my posts.  So, let them unfollow, unfriend, unlike, or whatever term is used, because I don’t want to be their notch.  I want to be more and they should want that from me too.

What’s your social media philosophy?

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9 thoughts on “Not So Social Networking

  1. 10000000 x all of this! I actually need to do a Twitter clean-up myself. I have people following me with following counts in the five figures, and I can barely keep up with the 150 or so that I follow!

    • Once upon a time, I used to keep complete track of my Twitter. I’d read it through out the day and in the morning I’d catch up on all the night stuff. While I’m sure I’ll never be able to do that again, I’d like to at least be interested about what I’m looking at “right now.”

      I’ll be cleaning some of my social media this Saturday. That one go through in December was not enough and I need to cull G+ too.

  2. Fantastic idea. I think I have a fair amount of follow backs I should unload as well. I also think it’s only fair to unfollow the “buy my book” spammers too. I get that they’re trying to sell their stuff, but I don’t watch TV for the ads.

    • I understand people need to promote/sell things for profit. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way. I try to be good about my pimping, because I don’t want to be that spammer. Not just my pimping, but my RTing too. I’ve unfollowed people because they try to help everyone in their mama out by what I can only figure is RTing everything in their stream the instant they check twitter for the first time that day.

  3. Amen. I’m mostly on Facebook these days for this reason. Social media is fun and addictive but it sure can be a time sink.

    • I’d like to achieve some form of balance in my social networking. Right now I spend time mostly on Twitter and auto share to others. I’ve avoiding wasting time/getting sucked in. It is just easiest to open and use Twitter.

  4. You should use the Social Media in the way that fits you best. Cleaning up your lists is something to cheer to!

    I just can’t find the time to follow all Facebook, Google+ and Twitter-posts, so I do the best I can. Perhaps I should follow your grande plan too.

    • I agree that there is no “wrong” way to use social media, just personal tastes/wrong for self. And time is a big issue, totally agree. With so much to talk/connect on, for me there is no room for voids/uninteresting things.

      Do what feels right. 🙂

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