I’m not talking water cycle, life cycle, or anything science like. I’m talking about my new approach to all things writing.

Last year, I made myself a new schedule that slowly evolved to “perfect.”  Monday and Tuesday were plotting or editing days.  Wednesday through Friday I cranked out new words.  Saturdays, I tended to “other” writer things.

In summer, it got broken due to my kids being home.  I came up with a summer schedule, holding out until August came.  And when it did, I tried to return to January-May ways.  Then, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. happened.  And the loss of that one night of writing caused a ripple in my schedule.  That ripple was named Doom!

I tried readjusting the 2013 writing schedule.  I tried moving that there and this to that, but I couldn’t salvage it.  That’s part of why I just stopped writing in December (the other part was the nasty cold I started the month with).

Since I had all this December thinking going on, I decided I’d think some on my schedule.  I scrapped it, returned to zero.  From there the cycling writing schedule was born.

Cycle 1 is writing.  I’ll write more than one project at a time (as that seems to help me write more in a day).  For this first cycle of this year, I’ll be writing a short story and working on TJ.  The writing cycle will not end on until the main project reaches 5,000 words (TJ in this case).

Once Cycle 1 ends, I’ll take a day off from all things writer.

Cycle 2 is editing and/or plotting.  For editing, I’ll set myself some sort of goal be it re-read and take notes or up to page 15 of rough draft.  For plotting, I will set a similar goal like 3 character profiles or plot first act.  This cycle will be focused on editing GRANDMA and, if finished, the short story from Cycle 1.

Again, at the completion of the cycle, I’ll be taking another day off.

Cycle 3 is for “other” writer stuff that takes more than one Saturday to do.  This first cycle, I’ll be working on a couple of vlog scripts (for summer).

At the end of this cycle I will be taking 3 days off.  Now, to explain the days off.  I used to give myself writer vacations every 40(-ish) days.  I’m hoping that these frequent, yet small, breaks work out just as good as those vacations.

Do you have a writing schedule?

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2 thoughts on “Cycling

  1. I love hearing how other people organize their writing lives! This is a great idea – I don’t really have a set schedule yet, but I’m working on developing one. Right now I’m just trying to write at least a little every day. Good luck with all your WIPs!

    • I’m like that too. I love it when people share their writing schedules. I think learning how others do it can help you develop your own style. Though, what I wanted influenced this schedule rather than someone else.

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