Sticker Me!

mlp stickersDo you guys remember my accomplishment book?  Somewhere at the end of September of last year, I stopped doing it.  Though, part of that was due to the fact it stopped being solely about accomplishments.  It started housing my “To Do” list.  So, my accomplishment book started having un-accomplishments in its pages.  This made me a sad panda.

Last year, I worked to move my to do list to an online app (Todoist), but that didn’t bring me running back to the book.  In fact, at the end of December, I started taking my “To Do” list offline.  Now, I am just using Todoist as a reminder platform.  For example, there was one that told me DOWNTON ABBEY returned the 5th.  Didn’t want to miss that!

131223_001What does that have to do with all these pictures of stickers?  Well, last year, Kait Nolan made me aware of this vlog that talks about rewarding writing with stickers.  I thought it was interesting and I could admit I was wired in the way that would make it successful for me.  Stickers are awesome!  However, I was doing good with my routine at the time, so I didn’t jump on the sticker bandwagon.

Then, I hit rough waters.  I started considering it again.  But, I wanted to do it differently than the vlog proposed.  But, I was in a lazy mood and didn’t do much other than think that far.  Then, Kate Sparkes posted her sticker plan.  I took that as a sign I should get serious about the passing thoughts I was having.

131223_002First thing I did was try to figure out what I wanted to give myself a sticker for.  I decided I wanted it beyond writing.  And at one point I had a 7 item list.  Like Kate, I wanted each sticker to let me know what I did, and I wasn’t going to get $7 worth of stickers.  But, $3 I was willing to do.  So, I looked at the list and tried to pick a top 3.  I ended up with a top 2: Writing/Editing and Exercising.

I couldn’t choose a top 3rd.  I acknowledged that sometimes I need a boost to different things.  Sometimes I slack in my lunch studies.  While other times I slack on giving myself fun (like how I have only played OKAMI twice since November).  That’s when sticker 3 became clear.  The purpose of it will change monthly.  Whatever I think needs a boost would get the support of this sticker.

131223_003Where does the accomplishment book fit into this?  Well, I divided the pages into a weekly calendar of sorts.  There’s a column for my stickers and there’s a place to write other things I do during the day.  No more un-accomplishments!  Stickers for rewards!

Do you have a reward system that works for you?

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7 thoughts on “Sticker Me!

  1. Oh, my goodness. YOU SPELLED MY NAME CORRECTLY! Nobody does that! You’e my new best friend.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your stickers in action. 🙂

    • Achievement Unlocked: New Best Friend! 😉 YAY! I did something good.

      I’ll likely post a snap shot of it on Sunday for my ROW80 check-in. Currently, I’m aiming for at least 2 a day and managing it.

  2. What an interesting concept! I love stickers and good motivation for getting stickers. I kind of feel like a kid when I got a gold star for doing something. I shall have to look into this. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Have a great week!

    • The sticker thing, with its whimsy and reward, is something I think many don’t out grow. It is also such a simple thing too. I hope you try it and have lots of success with it. 🙂

  3. I don’t have a reward system for writing, but now I want a sticker book. I always say that you’re never too old for stickers. 🙂

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