Why do I blog?

Last month I started looking over and evaluating everything involved with my writing, from rough drafts to Twitter.  Part of that meant examining my blog and answering the question, “How do I feel about my blogging at the moment?”  I answered it by going through my schedule and saying the good and the bad.  Then, I wrote what the whole thing left me feeling.  “I’m not sure who I am writing them for.”  (Them being my blog posts.)

See, I’ve been blogging for years.  I’ve been trying to refine my blogging just as long.  And with time and changes, I lost sight of who this blog was meant for.  And then came the most startling realization.  It wasn’t just for who, but also “Why do I blog?”  Seriously, I have been blogging and refining without purpose!  It was like one of those slapped-on-the-side-of-the-head-with-a-fish moments.

Since I didn’t like the feeling these realizations gave me, I went straight to work trying to answer these out-of-nowhere questions.  I don’t know about you, but when I don’t know what I want for dinner, I start listing what I don’t want.  The don’t wants sometimes make the wants clearer.  And since I didn’t have ready answer for “Why do I blog?” and “Who do I blog for?” I asked, “What am I not trying to do with my blog?”  I’m not trying to be a writing guru.  I don’t want to be an authority on writing and related practices.  Quite frankly, that’s just not a position I feel comfortable in.

However, I did find my blog posts seemed geared to writers over readers.  And that was my first clue!  My second clue to the answer was my involvement with ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesdays.  Why did I do them?  The answer was, other writers.  This led to a moment where deluded myself into thinking I was writing my blog for other writers.  Still, I felt that answer was wrong and kept searching inside myself for the true answer.

My final answer came out to be rather “self-centered.”  Who do I write for?  I write my blog for me.  Why do I blog?  I blog to  drive away the loneliness of writing and share my journey in hopes of connecting with other writers.  My blog isn’t a platform, so much as a lifeline for me.

I’m still trying to figure out what this means for my blog and blogging.

Can you relate?

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9 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. kathils

    I can totally relate. I’ve done this self-analysis quite often. I’d like to reach ‘readers’, but I rather enjoy the writing community I feel I have built up. Writers need other writers as much as they need readers.

    • I self-analyze quite often, though I had missed the mark on this so many times before. Total “duh” moment. And yes! Writers need writers. The shared experience of it all.

      Also, I must admit, you got my brain juices stirring. I missed thinking about reader connections/connecting during the whole process. I’ll need to set down some think time on this.

  2. I totally relate. Right now, my blog is basically about writing community, I guess, since I pretty much only post my ROW updates and my writing post round-up (started that to share cool writing links with my now defunct writing group, so maybe I need to re-evaluate who that’s for now as well). But there are other random things I’d kind of like to blog about on occasion and I’m always reading that writers should have a platform of some kind, so eventually I’ll have to figure it out.

    I am planning a redesign this year, so hopefully I can tackle some of those questions, too.

    • Every time I tried to refine my blogging it was related to platform. Even though that’s important, I feel that for me this revelation of my purpose is more important. I’m not sure if this means that blogging isn’t part of my platform. Or that my connecting purpose is my whole platform. I’m not sure where platform falls in all this.

      You are also stirring my brain juices!

      I get you on redesigns. I swear after summer and every new year I’m on a redesign kick of my own. I also have the redesign bug, too. I’m just holding off (more important things to do first).

  3. Been pondering these same things. Still am. Currently I blog to stay connected to the fabulous WP community, but I still need something with a little more drive than that. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon. I think it’s totally okay, though, to be blogging for yourself.

    • To be honest, my not-for-group blogging was mostly out of habit/”because writers blog.” Your answer is a whole lot more fulfilling and purposeful than mine. I do wish you luck in finding your answer.

      And, thanks. I was a bit self-conscious about the “me” answer at the start. I almost didn’t share this revelation. However, I realized in my pursuit of fighting loneliness, I’ve done my best not to be selfish/just take. I’ve tried to give back/reciprocate (with visits). So, at least I wasn’t breaking Wheaton’s Law in the process.

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