ROW80 Round 1 Goals 2014

ROW80I’m making lots of changes for 2014.  One of the changes is that I will no longer check-in on Wednesdays.  I’ll be joining the Sunday crowd, though I won’t linkie until Monday morning.  I’ll be writing the post Saturday night and scheduling it to post on Sunday, as Sunday is my tech-free day.

I am also making changes to my writing approach (will discuss that later this week), but I don’t see why that should stop me from making goals.  Though, it means I will be aiming low and keeping it super simple.  I rather reach a goal early than miss it.  Missed goals make sad pandas.  Sad pandas are sad.  No one wants that!

Every Week
Review Grammar 4 Days (breakfast)
Study Japanese 4 Days (lunch)
Visit 2 ROWers (minimum) Each Check-In

Before Round Ends
Write/Finish 1 Short Story
Write 10,000 Words On TJ
Complete 5 Projects (from project/procrastination list)

That’s it.  I can always add on, right?  And after this round I’ll have a better idea how things will go for me.

Are you ready to succeed in 2014?

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8 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 1 Goals 2014

  1. Sounds like some good and reasonable goals. I think it’s a good idea to start small and build up, that way you get the added benefit of feeling like a bad-@ss when you do more than you’d planned. And it helps prevent sad pandas, which I agree, no one wants to see.

  2. Just a bit curious here… No Wednesday posts? You mean we won’t be seeing you for the WIPpets either?

    On the rest of your goals… good, simple, concise… Dang! I wish I was that organized.

    • There’s no way I could leave the WIPpeteers. Love being a part of it too much. To be clear, my sole Wednesday posting purpose will be WIPpets from now on.

      Before, I would post twice every Wednesday, as I didn’t like to combine the two. I did try combining at first, but the posts would become too long in my opinion. However, it bugged me that I was doing two posts on Wednesdays. That’s why I am trying out this change.

      • Makes sense…. just wanted to let you know that we’d be missing you if you left(we love GRANDMA).

        That’s the best part of the ROW80, imho. The way it can be tweaked to adjust around our chaotic lives.

        • Awwwww. Thank you. 🙂 I’d miss the WIPpeteers too, if I had to stop. Good thing I don’t have to! And I am glad GRANDMA is being so warmly received. Sadly, due to a change in my writing schedule, seems later this month I’ll be switching for a couple of weeks to another project.

          I agree that ROW80 is awesome for its flexiness.

  3. Yup, I agree about the wonderfulness of the flexibility. I have to really dial down the writing goals at the moment — but when things change, I can dial back up!

    Glad you will still be playing the WIPpet game, and good luck on your goals. 🙂

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