2014 Resolutions

Before jumping into this year’s resolutions I want to talk about 2013’s set.  I’m going to start with the vlog resolution of fitting into my “Hana Kimi” pants. Didn’t happen.  In fact, I think I gained weight this year.  Oops.

My attempt to write 9,000 words a week led to an unbalanced writing routine (all rough drafts, no edits).  I reworked that one to mean if I wrote 5 days a week, I’d have 9,000 words.  My current rate would net me 8,750 if I did that.  Close enough that I consider it a success.

The me I wanted to be.

I wanted to be healthier during last year with a list of do’s.  Run a mile in 12 minutes?  I stopped running after I took a spill that drew blood.  In fact, I’m scared to go running now in case that would happen again (very wuss of me).  Watch portions/stop eating seconds?  I’d say maybe 2-3 times a week I do this.  Needs improving!  Exercise more and regularly?  Up until summer I followed the plan.  In summer I went walking a lot, so good exchange, I guess.  However, things fell apart in fall and I’m not exercising at all now.  One soda a day/more water?  Thing is sometimes I run out of (cold) water before I run out of thirsty.  Or I forget to refill/chill my water bottle.  (It must be cold.) That caused soda defaulting.

My next goal was to stop procrastinating.  I would schedule instead of ignore.  HA!  Nope.  However, over half the year I made lists of activities/projects I had been putting off and I took care of quite a few of them!  Not as intended, but I’d call that progress.

Not the most excellent of years.  Not horrible either.  So, what do I want for 2014?

I want to conquer a pet peeve of mine.  I want to stop placing expectations of myself that I can’t meet due to scheduling I’m aware of yet ignore when I come up with my expectations.  Example: Let’s say the kids have a Monday off from school.  I know this.  I look forward to having no alarm to wake me.  However, when I decide how many words I should write in a week, I count Monday in that.  I can’t write with the kids home (I lost that magic power and I’m okay with that).  Every time I get so upset with myself for doing this!  This year, I want to go “Oh, kids have off Monday.  Guess I can’t write.  I’ll read extra that day.”  Very simple and hopefully something I can manage.

When I said I needed a water bottle… Don’t drink the one on the left!

Health is a big one (again).  I’m approaching portions and healthier eating with a clearer plan.  Each dinner must have a major veggie component and all casseroles will be downsized to 9×9 or 8×8 pan.  As for water/soda, I’ll just buy that 2nd water bottle I’ve been meaning to (because I still procrastinate) and see how that goes.  And right now, I just want to exercise.  Goals like x calories or y days I’ll try to form naturally later on.

Something from the world of writing also turns up again.  This time in the form of “sell a short story.”  Hated that I didn’t do this last year.  Doing it this year for sure!

And those are my resolutions for this year.  There’s a fourth one I am toying with, however it wouldn’t get any attention until February, maybe even March.  So, I’m not worrying about that now.

How did your 2013 resolutions go?
Not into resolutions? What were you 2013 big wins?
What are your 2014 resolutions/plans?

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