Ending Early

WednesdayROW80 12/18 Check-In

All Better(ish)
I am still coughing during the day, but I do not wake in the night with stuffy nose or coughing spasms.  I’ve also stopped the excessive napping.  I’ve resumed normal-ish life stuff.  I added the -ish, because holiday treat making isn’t normal life, but normal holiday life, so it isn’t fully normal life… Though, I am now also recovering from oil burns (splatter got my left hand good, but it was my fault).  In related, sort of, news, I felt I was past being contagious and held my hamster, Queenie, for the first time this weekend.  I feel my bond with her is building quite well and have started allowing others to pet her.


I built Queenie a platform this week, since she didn’t like her house. She nests under it (instead of behind her wheel). Additionally, I used dry erase markers to decorate her tank for the holidays.

My Early ROW80 End
ROW80 may have more time left, but I don’t.  On Friday my kids will be attending their last school day in 2013.  That means I have today until they get home to get everything sorted.

How Did I Do?
October was pretty good.  On the down side, I failed quite often to make my 500 calories a week.  However, I did finished outlining TJ  on 10/10, finished writing FLAMES on 10/18, finish reading FRANKENSTEIN on 10/14, finish reading and MUSEUM OF THIEVES on 10/14 as per goals.  I also manage most my study lunches.  Since I had some extra time I added finish watching DEADMAN WONDERLAND (which I did on 10/24) and moved up the November goals of read through/make notes on GRANDMA (finished 10/29) and pick a new book to read (did so on 10/30).

In November I start editing GRANDMA, read fairly regularly (exceeding goal each week), did my first Workaholic Monday (11/18), and gave myself some time off before the holidays from writing (11/6-12).  However, a back injury put exercising and this 30 day fitness challenge in fails-ville.  Sadly, my fail also extended to TJ (a WIP) and study lunches.

December rolled in with the sinus cold of EVIL!  That prompted me to stop working on TJ and try to focus on editing GRANDMA.  However, between the cold and holiday sweet making (gifts for friends), I didn’t do much of that or much of anything.  Exercising, study lunches, and reading all kind of got pushed out by napping and stirring of ingredients.  Though, not all was lost as I refined my end of year evaluation questions (12/7) and answered them (12/14).

mlp stickers

Sparkle pretty ponies!

Between Rounds
My plan between rounds is to spend time with my family and friends.  When I get a minute or two to myself I’m going to take the information I put together from the evaluation and form a plan.  Actually, I’m already working on that bit.  Got some My Little Pony stickers to help me out (though I might need more… The plan is still fuzzy on that part).  I don’t plan to write or edit, though I might sneak reading in.  My husband and I have also been de-cluttering (or “de-hoarder-ing” as he puts it) and that will likely continue.

I’ll see you in 2014!
Best wishes, good health, & happiness to all!

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7 thoughts on “Ending Early

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and getting to bond with Queenie; I got my girlfriend some Monster High stickers for Xmas. It’s a surprisingly fun little show, plus who doesn’t like monsters?

    • I’m very familiar with Monster High. 🙂 I like it myself (my fave is Headless Headmistress Bloodgood), but my daughter is the big fan (her collection at summer: http://twitpic.com/d3jbwu). I’m even kind of digging the new spin-off, Ever After High. Though, I wish they hadn’t changed C.A. Cupid’s appearance so drastically when she transferred schools. I tried reading the 1st of the YA books, but found highly materialistic (off putting to me). It also has a different “setting.” I haven’t read the MG series, but from the pictures it follows the series/movies better and my daughter seems to really enjoy it.

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling some better. It’s never fun to be sick – especially during the holidays.

    I hope you have loads of fun with family and friends.

    I have declared 2014 my personal Year of the Great Declutter. My aim is to get rid of everything we’re not using/don’t want to keep for some very good reason by December 2014. I also plan to declutter my schedule – and my brain.

    See you in Round 1. Have a great Christmas and an amazing New Year.

    • Having started the month with this cold, I’m super thankful not to be ending with it!

      I’m super excited for our Christmas Eve traditions with the family. Plus, hubby got an awesome gift from Santa this year and I can’t wait for him to see it!

      My husband is good, actually great, at decluttering… I’m not as good. I’ve got the makings of a hoarder, but watching hoarders freaks me out and makes me throw out stuff. I wish you the best in your decluttering efforts.

      See you in 2014! Best wishes for your Christmas and New Year!

      • “Hoarders” is a truly terrifying show. I helped my hubby clear out the basement at my in-laws’ after his dad died in ’99. At that point, I promised never to complain about my hubby’s tendencies again. He had nothing on his dad, who lived through the Depression and kept all kinds of things – just in case he needed them some day. (i.e.: dried out shoe polish; broken glass; my hubby’s broken train, the one he had as a child . . .)

        Still, I know I will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders when we’re done . . . Plus, our kids won’t have to deal with it when we’re gone.

        At any rate . . . I hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas – and that your hubby loves Santa’s gift. 😀

  3. Gloria,

    I love your post, and these comments. Annalise is also a huge Monster High fan…her collection is at about 19 dolls, cafe set, and purple car…she makes her own stop action movies more than she watches the show, and she hasn’t read any books from it, so far. However, she’s become very interested in Phantom of the Opera and mythology through it, and she’s indulging her fashion sense.

    I haven’t been writing these last few days. I’m trying to be easy with a moderate cold, so it leaves a bit sooner. I’m watching a lot of Enterprise, and plot tribbles are popping up all over the place. I’m celebrating with my family, and hometending…our home is, in too many places, still arranged for younger kids than the ones who now live here! I’m wrapping up bits and pieces, and letting my mind toy with goals and intentions for 2014.

    May your holidays be delicious, delightful, decadent – and healthy!

    • Thank you, Shanjeniah. My family is a bit on the gothy side (we have skulls and bone themed stuff as decoration in our living room, among other more normal things), so Monster High has always been a good fit. When they first came out my husband almost bought himself a limited edition Frankie (they did her in black & white in honor of her “father’s” movie). In fact he got himself the skull create-a-monster and has it at his desk now. (I have a Ghoulia I remodeled into a very stylized Yuki Onna.)

      Our daughter asks us about the origins of the monsters and we love explaining the creator’s choices to her (like why Spectra is German). My daughter is a bit spoiled as in she has nearly one of every doll. She’s missing the werecats (Toralei and the twins), Clawd, and Comic Con exclusive dolls (like Sara Screams & Spiderella). She only has a double of Clawdeen & soon she will have one of Abby. Of course she doesn’t know she has certain dolls as Christmas has yet to come. Tehee!

      I’m sorry to hear you have a cold. That can make it less than fun to write. Get well soon! And I love tribbles, in theory and not in my reality, because they remind me of hamsters! (Yeah, my hamster has corrupted my thinking.) And I get what you mean about the house being geared for the wrong age of kids. I always feel I’m working to sort their stuff to be age appropriate/meet their needs, but I never catch up. They grow up too quick! I’ve got my 2014 resolutions all lined up and am just working out how I’ll work on them (like you are, when I get a chance to think about it).

      I hope to see you in 2014. Hope the holidays to come are full of smiles and fun for you!

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