Writing Music: 真夜中の510

When I started writing, I ejaculated description.  Like…

She walked into the room.  The walls were painted a stark white.  In the corner was a sixteenth century replica of a chair with yellow and white diamond patterned fabric.  The stuffing was brand new and made her wonder if it had been ever used.  Next to the chair, there was a crudely made wooden box.  The box, which was made of a dark stained oak, served as a side table.  On the table [yada… yada… yada…].  As she came in here by mistake, she turned right around and left.

I have thankfully evolved.  Now, I tend to use succinct descriptions to set the stage of the scene.  Her bedroom was militaristic and the furniture was all part of a matching set that had hard, modern lines.   And I try to keep detailed description to important things.  There was something odd about the key, even though it was made of common brass.  While the other keys on the ring looked old and tarnished, this one looked almost brand new and had three bumps along the shaft.  

I’m not saying that everyone should write like I do now… I’m saying don’t write like I used to.

I wonder if this guy is telling us the important things or not.

Song: 真夜中の510
Group: カルメラ (Caramel)

Do you have a description policy?
Want to share a way you have evolved as a writer?
What is the significance of 510?

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