Vlogging and Me

One of the things that came into question was my vlogging.  I tried to do it more consistently at the start of the year, however, by summer’s end it was dead.

First, I had to ask myself if that was a “sign.”  And truthfully, the answer was yes.

My vlogging died off, because I didn’t have a purpose to it.  I was just fitting it in and scrambling for ideas.  And I was trying my darn-tooting-ness to make sure it was as quality as it could be, since it took so long to do (between writing dialogue points, filming, and editing).  I could knock out four blog posts to every vlog.

The first vlog I ever did.

However, I have to totally admit, I have fun doing it.  It is a different form of creativity.  And… Isn’t it being fun enough of a reason to keep it around?

So, what does that mean?  Do I keep being random and fitting it in?  Do I stop, because if I can’t commit to it, I shouldn’t do it?  Or do I go with option C?

C) Find where vlogging can fit into my writing career with more purpose.

While I said last week that my biggest regret this past year is my lack of anything getting published, I do have other regrets.  Somewhere in my top 5 is the summer blogging I did.  Thank you for suffering through it and sticking with me!  I really don’t know what I was thinking.

And as I pondered my summer blogging (as I was evaluating my blogging during this process) and I thought about my vlogging… It clicked.  That’s where my vlogging belongs.  Summer!  And not, “Hi there, writer peoples” vlogging, but something useful, like a writer aid.  Something not time sensitive I can work on January through May.

I have an idea in mind, too.  I’m not sure it will be enough to last through all of summer, but that’s okay.  I have 6 months to come up with essentially 12 videos.  If that means I cover two topics over summer, that works too.

There is also somewhere else I can include vlogging.  I can also tie it to my ROW80 activities.  No, not every check-in, but the big ones: start of round goals and end of round wrap up.  I did the latter one once.  However, unlike with the summer series, I’m unsure.  It is under consideration (and I have until January to decide).

What are your thoughts on vlogs and writers?
Should I do the ROW80 and vlog mix?
Is there something you’d like a writer to vlog on?

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