Start Spreading the Snooze

ROW80 12/11 Check-In

Feeling Better, Sorta
Last check-in I told you I was plagued by evil— a sinus cold.  Still got a bit of it and that bit is causing me naps.  See, during the day I am peachy.  I can breath and I can think without making my head feel like it will blow up.  At night, I end up waking lots.  Be it nose being too stuffy or a cough that lasts fifteen minutes straight.  Three times last night that happened.  Each time I was up a minimum of thirty minutes.  All these wakings cause me to tucker out quickly and fall into the sweet arms of nap once or twice a day.

Despite that…  I’ve been managing making fudge.  All gift fudge is done and so is the one set of gift rum cake.  I still have lots of household fudge and our rum cake to make, though.  I’ve also been DVRing and getting On Demand some holiday movies.  Puts me in the sweet making mood.

But About Them Goals
Things have been far from smooth.  Because, once I finish cleaning and sweeting, there’s only nap time left.  The only did two goal things this week.  The first was visit ROWers, but I think I only managed 2 this week.  The second was make sure my evaluation questions were done and set.  I didn’t even read, unless you count recipes and I don’t.

This Week
I’ll answer those questions and evaluate my year.  Anything else I do goal related will be icing on the cake.  I hope by next week I’ll have this napping habit kicked to the curb.

Any new holiday movies you are digging?
Do you make any gifts for friends?
Can Christmas peeps believe it is only 14 days until!?

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11 thoughts on “Start Spreading the Snooze

  1. I think you’re doing very well. The holidays are a bad time for productivity for me, too, and my baking’s not nearly as ambitious as yours, never mind being sick. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. It is SO hard to meet writing goals during the holidays. There’s so much to DO. And when you get hit with a cold, it’s worse.

    I found a natural decongestant recipe the other day, and I’m thinking of mixing some of that up and see how it works. I had a bout with a cold a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t breath through my nose at night. I can’t STAND to breathe through my mouth. 😦 So next time, I’m going to try the natural stuff.

  3. If you have access to Vicks VapoRub or any generic mentholated ointment, I’ve found that rubbing that under my nose and on my throat helps some with sinuses. Or if you can get a Vicks inhaler (there are generic inhalers too), that can also help. Otherwise, a strong mint oil like peppermint can also help clear out your sinuses — just rub it where you’d rub the Vicks.

    For the cough, if you’re able, you might try propping up your head and shoulders, so you’re kind of at an angle. That’s helped me when I’ve been having trouble with a cough.

    Also, orange creamsicle fudge is awesome.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. Vicks has been my dear friend these past couple of nights. Randomly remembered we had it.

      I managed no cough-fest last night via sheer will. Of course, I woke up and wow did I ever go off and was it loud!

      It is majorly awesome. We ran out in little over 24 hours. Chocolate-walnut took its place.

  4. Christmas is mellow here, as are all holidays. I’m not much of a treat-maker, but I will be taking the kids out for a couple of surprises this weekend.

    Post NaNo, post out-of-state weekend, and with pending homeschooling reports, my week looked a lot like anything but writing…the well needs an influx!

    I hope this finds you well and truly on the mend. Nap and I have gotten reacquainted this fall, too!

    • I hope you had fun on your surprises. This sinus thing is super stubborn. Everyone in the family has gotten it and only he-who-brought-the-plague is 100% better. I can’t help but give up at this point. This round is definitely made of fail.

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