Writing Music: Miss Right

Confession time

I tend to struggle with justice systems for made up worlds.  A person that hasn’t eaten for days and steals food… I know stealing is wrong, but I can’t find fault in that person.  I don’t like the idea of punishing them.  In fact, I almost want to punish the society around that person for letting it happen.  Yeah, I’m a bleeding heart.

Of course, if the person was an abuser of a substance and they spent their money obtain that rather than buying food… I’m less inclined to want to give them a pass.  I tend to over think the gray areas or the “buts.”  And thinking on that ends up giving me shaky components to my world.

Knowing I am like this, I do work to do better each time the justice system comes into play in my stories.

Who ever came up with this music video, certainly has a problem coming up with believable justice systems too.

Group: Teen Top

What is your world building weakness?
Do you believe the world is black and white or lots of grays?
Can you come up with a valid explanation for the justice system in this music video?

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