The Bad and the Good

Good news. Bad news. News news.

The theme of my December is evaluating where I stand in my writing.  I don’t intend to make the whole thing public, as it is actually a very long process.  Lots of questions.  Lots of soul searching.  However, I feel I could and should share some of it.   So, here are two questions I’m asking myself.

1. What did I accomplish this year?
2. What do I regret not doing this year?

These are actually the first two questions on my list.  And, I think they are very important ones other authors might be asking themselves.  Not just this time of year, but at crucial times (sans “this year,” of course).  And, while I’ll answer them in order over on my self evaluation, here I’ll answer them “bad news, good news” style.

What I regret not doing this year is not getting a short story published.  I did try, but that try was like a marshmallow (not very hard).  I definitely could have tried harder.  Though, I think the lack of try was tied to my imbalanced working style.

You know how I spent nearly six months of this year just writing and ignoring everything I had to edit?  The lack of short stories, taking time to write and edit them, fits into that imbalance.  I made “writing (rough drafts) of novels” such a high priority at the start of the year that everything else suffered.  And this is something I should address going into 2014.

On the other hand, despite my imbalance (and attempt to right some of it) I feel I accomplished quite a bit this year.  My biggest accomplishment was getting PIXIES polished and out in slush piles.  I finished the rough of a MG novel I started in 2012 (and started editing it).  I wrote a YA novel.   I squeezed in a flash piece and a short story.  And, I started a NA novel, too.

I got a lot of words down on paper and my rate of writing is definitely higher now than at the start of the year.  I worked on refining my process, and am getting closer to having something that suits me perfectly.  I read more books this year than last year.  And, I joined in on more “writer communities,” which has allowed me to meet more awesome writers.  I’ve definitely tried to come out of my “safe zone” this year.

Over all, I feel my regret is small potatoes.  This year, 2013, has been good to me.

What’s your regret for 2013?
What did you accomplish this year?
Do you often think about these things?

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