A Morning in the Life of Me

My morning nemesis!

Sometimes, I wonder what you are doing.  I try to picture your day.  How is it like mine?  How is it different?  How does your car smell?  How do you get all that stuff done?  Are you working hard or staring off into space?

It’s the writer in me, I guess.  And part of me thinks that maybe, you might have the same questions about me and other writers you know.  While I can’t do anything about other writers (stalking is illegal and a big no-no), I can tell you a little about my life.  I think a whole day might end up boring and too long, so I’m going to tell you what I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday until I get to writing.

I wake up at 6:20am.  That’s five minutes before my son.  We have 1 bathroom.  Feel my morning pain!  After he wakes, he gets a few minutes alone in there before he and I start sharing the sink.  (Five minutes isn’t enough to do everything before he wakes, just the must do.)  I help guide his routine and we go downstairs by 6:31am.

Hopefully, during that time, old lady dog didn’t pee or poop upstairs (where in sink sharing is mixed with scrubbing on carpets and wondering why we haven’t gone to hardwoods yet).  Either way, I have her out in the back for her first morning bathroom break by 6:32am, at latest.


“I go when I gotta go!”

Then, I come back in, write my son’s aide a note, sort out his backpack, make sure he’s all set, and we’re out the front door by 6:43am.  He has no danger sense, so I walk him part way to the bus stop and then return home to watch the bus stop from my front step, because kids can be cruel, until the bus comes.  All three dogs bark the whole time I’m out there and, depending how slow the bus is running, I check Twitter from my phone.

I’m usually back in my house by 6:50am.  I have five-ten minutes to check my email.  By 7am latest, I’m onto my daughter and her morning routine.  She’s slow.  Old lady paying in pennies slow.  I spend most the time going “hurry up” and anywhere from three to fifteen minutes doing her hair.  We get downstairs by 7:20am at latest.  She either talks to me, reads, or watches television until she goes out the door to her bus stop at 7:37am.  I watch her out the window until her bus comes.

Both my kids eat breakfast at school, because it gives me one less thing to stress about and I once set a boiling egg on fire.  Safety first!

Finally at around 7:45am, I am on my own (if you don’t count the Basement Troll).  Until about 8am, I go finish checking my social media, leaving open things I have to reply to.  Then, I grab breakfast, start tea, feed the dogs, take them all out, and come back in to my whistling tea.  And I go back to the computer and do replies, play a couple of games (all work, no play…), and holy crap!  It’s 9:00-9:30am!  I have to write!  And I do.

So, there you go.  One writer’s morning demystified.

Want to share some of your “writer day” with me/us?
Were you surprised by any information there?
What writer would you like to know the daily routine of?

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