Queenie Rules My Mind


ROW80 11/27 Check-In

My mind has been seeking distractions.  “What am I making/baking leading up to Christmas?”  “How am I going to decorate the front lawn?”  “Why am I so distracted?”  “How many Doritos can I eat before the casserole suffers?”  “Which science fair option should my son take?”  “What cheese-tastic Hallmark holiday movie is on?”

But, suffice it to say, the number one thing I’ve been going to is a hamster.  My hamster.  I got her, Queenie-a teddy bear hamster-on Saturday.

Goals suffered.  Now, it wasn’t Queenie’s fault.  My obsessing over her (and her cuteness) was brought on by me not taking myself into account.  Like I don’t take my kids’ school holidays into account (most of the time), there are also other things that can throw me off.  I should have seen this coming and planned for it.  I didn’t.  Just like the kids’ days off!  (BTW- This is something, somewhat new I discovered about myself.  It has always been there, but I just recently identified my doing it.)

Anyways, I set myself up for a bad week last week.  This week, I won’t.  My kids get a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving.  This is also when I break out the decorations.  So, I have 0 expectations.  It would be nice if I find time to finish editing chapter 2 of GRANDMA, but it isn’t a must.

What’s your favorite fall food?
Any decoration you are looking forward to unboxing?
Got a cute pet that distracts you from writing?

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7 thoughts on “Queenie Rules My Mind

  1. Aww, so cute! I can definitely sympathize with not taking things into account and having plans get screwed up because of that. Sometimes it’s hard to have the mental energy necessary to do any kind of planning. But, I think being distracted by a new pet should be some kind of a free pass.

    As far as favorite fall foods go, pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans..

    • I just took some more crappy, cellphone video of Queenie. She’s sleeping on her back with her little paws going. She’s made of absolute cute. (Yesterday, I took some of her eating lettuce.)

      Thing is, I wasn’t supposed to get her until January. But, because I was seeking distractions, I ended up getting her now. If I had seen this distracted mood coming, I would have prepared myself with a series (like Pride and Prejudice the Colin Firth mini-series) marathon or something.

      I’m very bad at acknowledging and taking account the future with my expectations for the week. I’m pretty much set that this is going to be my resolution for 2014.

  2. How cute! I just have the ferrets right now to keep me distracted, they like biting my ankles if I don’t stay on my guard while writing.
    Sometimes a week with no goals is exactly what we need. Have a great holiday!

    • My husband and I were talking about how in a perfect world we’d have ferrets. They’re adorable.

      I’m looking forward to holiday fun in order to clear my mind and get me ready for December goals.

  3. distractions are good for one:) and other bits of life refresh the imagination – be kind to self:) all the best

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