Reading: Museum of Thieves

ReadingI love hitting the bargain bin at my local bookstore (and by local I mean four towns away).  I try to snag up classics (that’s where I got CHARLOTTE’S WEB from) and other interesting things.  I mean, fifty cents!  Who can say no?  Well, I can’t.  And when I saw this middle grade, hardback beauty sitting there, the deal was sealed.

The Plot According to Me
Imagine a world where children as so sheltered that they are not allowed to run.  Imagine everyone paranoid that touching mud will give you diseases.  Imagine people too afraid to stand up for themselves.  Imagine all the animals chased away and replaced with metal fakes.  That’s just a smidgen of the world Lian Tanner imagined in MUSEUM OF THIEVES.  It is definitely a world that needs to change and when a bomb kills a child, change starts happening and coming whether they are ready for it or not.


I don’t think dumb dog wants to go there.

My Opinion
You see me talking a lot about the world rather than the characters up there.  It isn’t that the characters aren’t well done.  They are great, fitting for the setting and perfect for the story.  However, I felt the world building Lian did was wonderful.  She revealed how the world work by telling the story, having it show us rather than lecturing.  And that’s another strong thing about this book.  It didn’t tell much, more over it showed.

MUSEUM OF THIEVES is totally worth the read if you love worlds that are not like our own.  It has great story that is paced well with characters you’ll cheer and jeer (appropriately), and did I mention awesome world building? 😉

What’s the last book you read with a rich world?
What kind of parent will you be/are you?  No steak knives until 13?  Let them dance in mud?
Have you read this? Any thoughts to add?

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