WIPpet Wednesday: Defining Moment

WIPpetHi, I’m back!  I finally have some things I can share.  Can’t wait to start visiting everyone once more.

What’s WIPpet Wednesday?
Wednesday is for the day of the week I (and others) share a WIPpet.  The word WIPpet is the joining of the word snippet with the acronym WIP, which stands for Work In Progress.  Using the date to conjure up a math formula, WIPpeteers (the group of people that share WIPpets) figure out how much to share.

My WIPpet Math
11/20?  Then 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 = 4 paragraphs.  This is my first time ever sharing anything from it, so this is from page one.

What’s My WIPpet?
This is a Fantasy, possibly Magical Realism, MG novel in its second draft, code named GRANDMA.  None of that starts until chapter 2, however.  (I have just started chapter 2, so…)

This Week’s WIPpet
My “defining moment?” Oh, that happened like half a lifetime ago. Back when I was in kindergarten.

It was early May and summer was wiggling in early that Saturday morning. I was at Grandma’s, like I am every weekend. Even though it wasn’t even lunch, we had already abandoned our jackets on the ground.

I’m not sure what was making us so warm. Was it the sun or the fact we were tilling her garden? Well, I was baby back then, so it was more like Grandma was tilling and I was poking the ground with my little plastic gardening tools. Still, we were busy.

But, it wasn’t just us feeling the warmer, summery days were starting. Nature’s creatures were feeling it too. There were more birds visiting grandma’s bird feeders. Something off in the woods was making bushes shimmy and shake. Grandma pointed out some new burrows by the shed.

Want to give it a go or read the WIPpeteers’ works?
KL Schwengel runs the show.
Find the linkie on her page to read the WIPpets or join in.

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11 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Defining Moment

  1. Hmm, sounds like something’s playing in Grandma’s garden that she wasn’t expecting!

    Good to have you back, Gloria. We missed you!

  2. kathils

    You set a very vivid scene here, and I love the voice. I’m curious what’s at work in the garden though . . .

    • My second drafts are much better than my first drafts, since everything is “in place” I can focus on the tiny details that bring everything to life.

      I’m trying to match my daughter’s way of talking (even though she’s eight and the main is eleven) for the voice. She’s super dramatic.

      Not sure where I’ll share from next, we might leave the garden a giant mystery. [insert evil laugh here]

  3. Sounds like a lovely day – but with just a tinge of ominousness!

  4. Tee hee. I liked the line about poking the ground. We think we’re so helpful only to realize later that it was our grandma or whomever helping us. 😉 Great excerpt!

    • When I wrote it, I was thinking about the “tasks” I gave my daughter to “help,” but it was just busy/stay out of my way work. Of course, like you said, there isn’t much help. But, she was happy and busy. Thank you. 🙂

  5. 🙂 Happy memories of grandma’s garden. One of the best kind of memory.

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