Busy, Imperfect Week


ROW80 11/20 Check-In

I did it again…
I knew when I set my goals Wednesday that I was going to go to the mall Friday for Santa pictures.  (Not for me, but the kids.)  But, did I take into account how tired I’d be after that?  That I’d be too drained to write?  Nope.  I keep setting goals ignoring my real life!  Thankfully, I’m less down on myself when I do it, but it is tiresome that I keep doing it.  Last time, I joked it should be a New Year’s resolution.  I might have to stop kidding and start doing.

Also in my life…
After Santa pics, we went to the pet store.  (New 29 gallon gifted-to-us tank needed a new lid.)  This started “Since the 20 gallon can’t hold water, what can it hold?”  Syrian hamster!  No.  I didn’t get one, but that is at the top of my list for candidates.  Spent hours hunting around my house for a place to put it.  Got a spot in mind.


May have sold all those books, but I bought this at the same time.

I picked the spot on Sunday when my awesome husband and I cleaned our shelves of books we “didn’t need.”  Tuesday morning, I started my day by gather most the stuff I’ve been meaning to donate to charity and loading it in the car.  After giving, it was time for getting, and those cleared books got sold.

Which bring me to my latest realization.  While I do spring clean, I also pre-holidays clean to nearly the same level.  I have to make room for new toys!  I have to make sweep all that hair and stuff that piled under my couches (now exposed, because I’m rearranging things, so I can fit a tree in there)!  Things get cray-cray up in here.

How ‘Bout Dem Goals?
1120My back did not heal entirely as I had hoped.  I’m still stop on the 30 day challenge and any real exercising.  Thursday was rough due to fish tank issues and my back.  I missed 1 Japanese study session and missed making my word count Thursday.  (I adjusted my goals for Friday’s over sight.)

On purpose, I missed my grammar review and my additional 2 ROWer visits.  Monday I did my first Workaholic Monday ever.  With this I learned that my put upon goal of 1750 every writing day, during normal writing time, is doable.  It is me putting off writing and getting distracted that stops me from that.  In fact, I did more than that (1904) in the same time frame.  The only reason I almost made my word count for the week is because of this.  If Thursday had been on course, I would have surpassed my word goal.

Got Plans?
I hope to write 6250 words (today, Thursday, Monday – 1750 words | Friday – 1,000).  I’ll continue babying my back, because every time I try to push recovery it ends with me doing a turtle on its back impression.  Let’s see if I can find some exercise my back can agree with.  This week, I’m back up to visiting 4 Rowers and 4 study lunches.  I’m also trying to get back into WIPpet Wednesdays.

Is there a mistake you can’t help repeat/stop making?
Got a Santa picture story new or old to share?
If you had a 20 gallon fish tank (that couldn’t hold water), what would you do with it?

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6 thoughts on “Busy, Imperfect Week

  1. it is a resolution I have/am having so much trouble doing:( all the best with that

    books ‘not needed’ oh oh sooooo hard:(
    take care of yourself and back and all the best for your goals:)

    • I have an idea how to take better account for personal life/writing life intersecting. Just it is more work, so I’ll probably put it off until the new year. It was real hard to get rid of some books. Others not so much. My back is definitely getting better. Thanks 🙂

  2. Good progress on the writing. I also appreciate just reading the challenges you face every day. OK, we’re now going into Thanksgiving week. I hope you find time to write, but if ‘real life’ does intervene, be kind to yourself and enjoy your family!

    • I think our daily lives have an impact on our writing. Good things might spur us on or bad things could stress us out too much to write. Sometimes, all we see are people’s numbers and we don’t take account these things and it can cause assumptions and feelings on our part that shouldn’t be there. I had thoughts at the start of round of what I wanted/how to handle Thanksgiving, but I’m reconsidering them. I’m reconsidering my goals for this week too.

  3. I’d get a baby iguana, or a turtle. I’m a reptile person. 🙂 Good luck with the writing goals this week, and I hope your back improves.

    • That wasn’t an option for me to begin with. Both the spots I found as homes for the tank were on “no outlet” walls. Besides, my son would kill me if I got a turtle before he did! He’s been wanting one for years.

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