Reading: The Other Stuff I Read In Summer

I won FARM FRESH MURDER and LOST AND FONDUE in a contest from a literary agency.
My version of MOUNTAIN CHARM is an ARC, which was given to me by a reviewer who needed to make space.

Here we are in November and I am still not done talking about my summer reading.  Today, we’re finishing it up.

by Nora Roberts
Yankee man buys mansion that stirs his soul in New Orleans.  There, he meets a feisty woman and some ghosts.  I love romance novels.  I love ghosts.  Having never read Nora, a very beloved author, I thought this would be a great way in.  I can see why she is loved, with great imagery and character.  But, I’m sorry.  She’s not for me.

by Paige Shelton
Farmer/jam maker goes to farmer’s market only to find there’s been a murder and her mentor is being blamed.  Yup, another cozy mystery.  I read a lot of them this summer.  And, I’ll admit I liked this one a lot.  It was full of voice.  However, as I’m following two other cozy mystery series, I can’t justify adding another one to follow.


A line of books almost as long as Old Lady Dog!

by Avery Aames
Cheese shop owner must save the daughter of the guy she had her first kiss with from a murder charge.  Also her life is soap opera-rific.  The fact I’m not that into cheese and my interest in french terms is nil leads me to suspect I am definitely not the intended target market for this book.  It might not help that this book 2 in the series, so I “missed” stuff.

by Sydney Logan
Girl with magic powers has a chip on her shoulder.  Writer dude with chip on shoulder comes to write story about girl’s magic family.  Love and chip removal ensue.  I didn’t jive with it.  I felt it kept going when it should have ended and some conflicts were made just for the sake of length.

by Virginia Henley
This is a 3rd book in a series I haven’t read (aside from this book).  Book 2’s female lead is the mom of  this book’s supposed female lead.  I say supposed lead because Queen Isabel feels more like the lead.  And the guy that becomes the queen’s lover is the father of the supposed male lead.  Basically, the book gets stolen by supporting characters and even more attention is stolen by members from books 1 & 2.  Additionally, too much foot kissing for me.

Have you read any of these?  Your opinion(s)?
What do you like more Romance or Mysteries?
Who is your favorite Romance and/or Mystery writer?

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