Reading: Summer MG

ReadingThis post requires no disclaimers.
Other than I poached these off my kids’ shelves.

During summer I read three separate MG novels.  I read DIARY OF A WIMPY KID to read what my kids had read and to try and spot what made it so popular.  13 TREASURES was something my husband had picked up at the kids’ book fair years ago, because he likes things with fairy lore, and he said it wasn’t bad.   Finally, in an attempt to be a more rounded reader, I read the children’s classic, CHARLOTTE’S WEB.  So, there were my motives.  Now, all we have left are my thoughts on the books!

by Jeff Kinney
The protagonist is a dick and the book documents this.  I’m surprised he even had one friend.  I know flaws are good in characters, but I swear if this boy was my kid… Anyways, my verdict after reading this was that I had to get my kids interest in reading HARRY POTTER, because those characters are a much better people, even Malfoy.

by Michelle Harrison
A girl sees fairies and it ruins her life to the point her mom ships her off to spend the summer with gram.  But there’s more to this fairy thing than she ever knew and the answers to all that are at gram’s.  I like the no sugar coating of fairies and magical lore used in this book.  They didn’t get politically correct and kept it “real” with additions (of course).  I really enjoyed it and have been look for the next book in the trilogy since finishing it.  (Sure, I could get it from Amazon, but was hoping book fair or my local bookstore would have it.)

by E. B. White
Spider and pig are BFFs for life.  I had watched the animated cartoon so many times, I knew most of the story.  (I haven’t watched the CGI one, so I can’t comment on that.)  However, there were changed and edited parts.  (As there always are.)  And I found myself understanding why you should go read the book even though you “know” the story.

Have you read any of these?  Your opinion(s)?
Are there any other children’s classics I should get?
What was the last MG (or even YA) book you really liked?

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