Transitioning into November

131028_001ROW80 10/30 Check-In

On My Feet
I’ve converted my desk into a standing desk.  I mainly did this due to my back issues.  It is a healthier choice than sitting all day.  Or most my day as it were, because laundry doesn’t get up and down stairs by sitting, though I kind of wish it did.  I’m still adjusting, however, once I have… Everything on the left wall needs to be redone to be “proper” height.  It’s still as chair height in case this doesn’t work out.

Goals & The Week That’s Passed
This week, I finished watching DEADMAN WONDERLAND. Over all impression, meh.  Didn’t feel like I wasted time watching it, but it wasn’t scream to your mama awesome.  That was partly due to the video quality Hulu had for it.  Some said it was censoring and others said it was just the quality.  However, the ending was blah, too.

1029I also started work early on another goal. I did my re-read of my rough draft of GRANDMA.  I’m formulating how the next draft needs to go down (different starting spot) and other changes that need drastic changes (like the 12 pages need to be rewritten from scratch).

I got all my study lunches in and my ROWer visits.  My calorie burning goal fell short again (predicted that).  However, I can’t feel too bad, as I’ve stayed on track for the 30 day fitness challenge.  Today, I do day 8!  For the record, after 15 I’m all Darth Vader.

For the Next Week
My distractions this week include the tail end of my husband’s vacation, my wedding anniversary, and my son’s birthday.  But, that all clears up after the weekend.  I’ll be continuing the usual (30 day challenge, study lunches, calorie burning, and visiting).  I’ll finally pick up another book to read.  And, if I have time, I’ll review the pre-writing packet for (codename) TJ and make any adjustments needed.

Best wishes to those doing NaNoWriMo!
(I’m not, but I’m rooting for you.)

How was your week?
Any awesome distractions in your future?
Got an anime recommendation for me?

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12 thoughts on “Transitioning into November

  1. Have you tried a standing desk before? I feel like it would drive me nuts, but I guess you get used to it. lease let us know how it works out for you!

    • I have not done the standing desk thing before, though I have been tempted by it many times. (Also been tempted by a walking desk, but don’t have the room.) It is a major adjustment me for sure, but I already have benefits. For the first time in four and a half weeks, I could lay on my side without my back protesting. That is just after 2 days!

      Will keep everyone updated on the desk situation, for sure. 🙂

  2. Interesting to know about the standing desk. I think I’m too ADD to do the standing. I’d probably try to dance to my music and then who knows where I’d end up. 😉 I’m glad it’s helping your back though. Will also be interested to know how it progresses.

    • I read half of GRANDMA after the conversion. I found that I ended up swaying as I read. So, it definitely doesn’t lend itself to being still, but I don’t find it a bad thing. I need more go in my day. Will probably mention how it is going during the ROW80 updates for a while.

  3. Definitely will be interested to hear how the standing desk works out for you. My coworker has one that moves up and down, so you can alternate between standing and sitting. I think that would work better for me – at least getting used to it. I tried doing something at a standing desk for about half an hour once and found that my back hurt after that, too. I’d love to try a walking desk sometime.

    Good luck on your goals. Have a great week!

    • I will admit, that there was some back pain day one, but it was the kind that came and went fast instead of the knotted up muscle issues I was already experiencing (and aggravating in my desk chair). Honestly, my biggest pain, despite my wearing my best shoes, is foot pain (my feet not used to being stood upon this much) and some leg pain (though this is slowly decreasing). If I had the room I’d be totally be trying to hook up a walking desk.

      Thank you and hope you have a great week too.

  4. Glad to hear the standing desk seems to be helping! I’d be sca5red to try it, since my feet regularly give me problems these days. 😦

    • It is tough on feet for sure. I made the mistake of not wearing real shoes and using it in my slippers yesterday. Yeah. That was a bad choice.

  5. How’s the standing desk working out? I keep wanting to try that, but I have a laptop & no extra monitor, so even if the keyboard’s at the right height, the monitor isn’t. Boo.

    Have you seen Ranma 1/2? Cowboy BeBop? Vampire Hunter D? I’m not as deep into anime as you are, so I’m probably just suggesting the obvious ones, but those are the ones I like.

    Hope you have a great week with all your parties!

    • If put on a desk of the right height and on a lap top stand (I saw one for about $30), even a laptop could be made standing desk doable. The monitor wouldn’t be as well positioned as mine, but at a good spot. (There’s this YouTube couple that has a standing desk and use laptops. What I described is their set up.) But if putting it at the perfect height is a must, a cheaper option is another keyboard instead of monitor.

      You guessed it right. I have seen those, though I watched Ranma 1/2 in Spanish (I watched it, along with Rurouni Kenshin, while living in Puerto Rico for a while). They are great animes to have under your belt for sure. 🙂

  6. intriguing – never tried typinig standing up – not sure my ankles would like it:) – but sounds like it’s doing you good so woth doing – all the best for rest of the week:)

    • It is definitely not for everyone, though I’m starting to believe it might really be for me. I went into the conversion unsure, but willing to try. It is 100% different than sitting.

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