Writing Music: JEON WON DIARY

Main characters (for the most part) need to endear themselves to us as readers or viewers.  Be it by making us want to root for them, by appealing to our lusty regions (cute girls/guys deserve better than this), or some other manner.  I present this music video as a total failure on that part.  In fact, the only tolerable (and actually I love her to pieces) character in the whole video is the old lady (a supporting character).

What does this video have?  A really catchy chorus. And a dance I think I can possibly do (though, I’ve never tried it).

Group: T-ARA N4

Is there a main character that failed to grab your endearment?
Name your favorite “stole the show” supporting character and tell me why!
Other than dancing, what do you think these girls’ characters are qualified to do?

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3 thoughts on “Writing Music: JEON WON DIARY

  1. For me “Once Upon a Time” does this, although one could argue who the real main character is supposed to be. Seems like it should be Emma, but the BFF and I watch it for the villains (Rumple and Regina). Snow White and Charming are often a bit dull too. Honestly it’s the side characters that have any character. Like Grumpy and Hook. Oooh, don’t get me started on Hook… We’re hoping he and Emma somehow hook up. 😉

    • I get the watching it for not the main characters. I watch BONES for Cam and the rest of the supporting cast. I have little love for Booth and Bones. Not that I love all the supporting cast. I kind of keep hoping someone kills Daisy…

      Sadly, I didn’t get into Once Upon a Time. That year, I think I picked to watch shows which are all probably canceled by now.

      • You can still get into it. *whispers* Netflix. 😉 It’s not phenomenally written by any means, but I like the concept, and I love the villains.

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