Finishing and Adding

ROW80ROW80 10/23 Check-In

My Favorite Mistake
I do it every time.  I know they have off.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in.  I realize I have to adjust things.  However, the one thing I always forget to adjust are my goals/expectation when it comes to writing.  Last Friday, I did it again.  Kids had off school, but I didn’t adjust my goals for it.  Maybe I should make it a 2014 resolution to fix that!

1022Despite That
I did good.  I know.  You look to the right and are, “She’s smoking crack.”  I didn’t make my words.  But, I couldn’t.  No, it had nothing to do with Friday’s miscalculation.  The reason?

I finished FLAMES!  

That’s right.  Another goal bites the dust!  So, all I have left to do is exercise.  And, yes that has suffered too.  I pick other things over exercising.  “I can exercise or I can organize these files…  Files!”  I’m not idling time away, I just choose “productive” over “healthy.”

This Week
My husband starts a vacation week on Saturday.  Sunday is trick-or-treating (and announcement of house decorating contest).  And, I’m sure exercise will suck again.  However, to make up for it, I’m going to start that 30 day fitness challenge today.  I also added a goal.  I started watching, but never finished watching DEADMAN WONDERLAND.  So, it fits the theme and I’ll be doing that too.

P.S.- Want to see the video I made of my decorations?
I’ll be posting it on Halloween!  Sorry for the wait.

Are you ready for Halloween? What candy are you giving?
What’s your big yay for the week?
Is there something you neglect (the way I neglect my exercise or adjusting my schedule)?

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15 thoughts on “Finishing and Adding

  1. I hear you on the exercise thing. If I didn’t have the saddest-looking dog in the world begging for walks, I’d never get any. Too many other things to do! The thing I neglect is housework. The only time this place is really clean is when I have an excellent podcast to listen to, or when I’m using housework to avoid writing that’s not going so well. 🙂

    • I get the cleaning thing. I used to be like that. I’m not sure how I changed it, but I’m glad I no longer leave laundry in the dryer for a week. 😉 My dogs are content playing with each other and chasing squirrels. I wish they’d give me sad looks. They only do that for food, though.

      • Yeah, Jack gives me the eyebrow wiggle, then looks out the window and whimpers… And gets excited every time I put my shoes on. It’s just so sad. Helps me out, though.

        Right now I need someone to do that for writing.

  2. No need to worry about Halloween here — no trick or treating. Didn’t use to exist at all, now kids just dress up and have parties. 🙂

    • Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better that it had never existed here too. Knowing what it had been, “should be,” and comparing it to now… It upsets me.

  3. I know know what you mean about kids’ vacations putting a crimp in the writing plans. I also have the problem that hubby is going to be out of town for a day this weekend, leaving me with the kids by myself. They’re pretty good kids, but there’s no way I can concentrate on writing when I know they’re going to interrupt me every ten minutes. Then again… I’m attempting an outline this year for NaNoWriMo… I might be able to do that with interruptions.

    For Halloween? I love seeing the kids dress up! I have a little knight and princess this year. I have a selection of “fun size” Hershey bars and Reeses cups, and I have a second cauldron filled with rubber ducks to give away.

    • I love the rubber duck cauldron idea! Especially for those itty-bitties that are coming along because the older ones are going or because mom and dad are trying to score free candy. We’ve got dum-dums, nerds, and crunch bars at my house. 🙂

  4. My kids unschool – so no random vacations to throw me – and I’ve had many opportunities to figure out what to do about writing with interruptions….because not having them isn’t likely to happen much for the next few years.

    I tend to work on smaller chunks of things -outlines, editing, blogposts, and the like – during the times when the kids (9 and 12), are most likely to want me. The more in-depth stuff, I save for times when they’re occupied for a while. I don’t expect to write much on the days we go places and do things – so,if I manage that, it makes me very happy!

    I use hometending to work through tangles in my WIPs, or for breaks between projects that gets my blood oxygenated, and skims a top layer off the clutter crop.

    I tend to put off administrative stuff, especially when I feel it’s irrelevant, like the state required homeschooling reports that I don’t think anyone reads…

    We just ordered Annalise’s costume. She will be Full Moon Sass, a werewolf with a good fashion sense (kinda like Annalise). Due to various things, we ordered late, and paid extra shipping to get it here in time. Born to perform, she loves the dressing up and role playing more than the candy- we aren’t sweets-stingy, here, so it’s not a big deal.

    Jeremiah the minimalist will be Super Lazy Guy – with a pillow belted to his head, and a blanket cape.

    We’re not sure exactly what we’re doing for Halloween this year, because we usually spend a few days with friends a few hundred miles away, and this year budget constraints and car troubles are keeping us close to home, and we haven’t adjsuted quite yet…

    Congratulation on your completed work, and on that new beginning! WAHOO!

    • My son (12 on Halloween) wanted to be the headless horseman, but nowhere near us had it and we aren’t awesome enough to pay extra shipping on top of the big sticker price it is bound to be as he’s in adult sizes. He’s being an inmate in an orange jumpsuit instead, probably because orange is his favorite color. The girl (age 8) wanted to be a skeleton girl and ended up choosing to be Skelita from Monster High. My husband and I are still clueless as to what we’ll be.

  5. Congrats! You’re doing great . . . well, maybe except for the exercise, but I think there are a lot of us in that boat. I’m getting back at it though, and I know you will too. TTFN

    • So far, I’m doing good on exercise and I’m on track with the 30 day challenge. Not sure I am doing fantastic, but definitely doing better than I have until this point. If they could only squeeze in an extra hour between 11:50am and noon… 😉

      Thanks for the kind words and encouragement/support.

  6. Congratulations on finishing Flame! That’s fabulous! Good luck with the exercise. We know it’s good for us, and a healthy body gives us more brain power, so it’s better for our writing, right? But it’s so darned hard to stick with it! Fingers crossed for you. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

      And exercise is totally good for us. Not only for our brain power, but it chases away sads and worries. As darkness continues to grow with cloudy skies are plentiful lately and gift giving season is coming, I need those chased! (I’m one of those people that frets over getting the right gift.)

      But, yes! It is so hard to stick with. Thanks for the crossed fingers.

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