Experiment: Workaholic Mondays

Fun and play are dirty words on Workaholic Mondays.

The Mad Writing Science Laboratory
No play allowed.

Why did this experiment come about?
Single word answer: Guilt

Longer answer: I have started taking more writer vacations to ensure mental health happiness.  And since I was raised Catholic (some of the time), I get this cold, icky feeling of guilt each time I do.  So, I invented this newest experiment.

How does the experiment work?
The first Monday after my writer vacation, I’m going to forget all that isn’t writing.  No house cleaning.  No exercise.  No study lunch.  No youtube videos (music is exempt).  Just writing (and the yoga involved with that, because A.D.D. needs to be fended off).  By 8:30 am, with breakfast and the dogs taken care of, I’ll be writing.  I’ll be allowed an afternoon lunch break for dog/yard and food purposes.  Then, back to it, until my phone alarm alerts me that my son will be home soon.

Note on Experiment:
I’ve never done this one.  I will do it for the first time ever, next month.

I picked Monday, because is is my lightest housework day and one of my three “daytime” writing days.  I risk the least amount of upset to my life.  Though, sometimes I think I should be picking Wednesday, the day I return from my writing vacation.  (This could become a tweak/change.)

Any questions about my experiment?
Do you do have a binge writing day?
Do you have any mad writing science laboratory experiments of your own?

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4 thoughts on “Experiment: Workaholic Mondays

  1. My binge days tend to be Saturdays and Sundays since work occupies too much of the weekday. 😉 I like this experiment though. I actually took time off work last year to help me prep for Pitch Wars. I think we have to try all kinds of different things to get ourselves ready for writing, whatever way that may be. I used to get up way stinking early. Lately it’s been that I stay up a bit stinking late. You’ve got to work with yourself and it sounds like you are.

    • I think it is very important for authors to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. But, I feel there should always be pushing/working harder to be better too. And that’s sooooo easier said than done. I do try to work with myself and be realistic, but that in itself can be a challenge too.

      For the people that juggle writing and work, weekends and sleep seem to be what’s sacrificed most. I don’t envy you guys one bit. Keep writing the good write.

  2. Sounds like a great idea – looking forward to hearing how it works out for you. 🙂 Happy writing!

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