Three Strikes! They’re Done!


This is last year’s yard and where I would start shooting the video from. It looks different this year.

ROW80 10/16 Check-In

Going for the Scream!
On Sunday, we finished up our decorating for the Halloween house decorating contest.  We have small touches (like the green light bulb for the porch light we got yesterday) to do.  And we got to do them fast!  Judging is the 18th & 19th,  Wish us luck!!!

Oh, yeah… Last year I did tons of photos.  This year, I’m thinking of doing a video to share what we did.  One day and one night.  Videos take up less real estate on the blog than picture after picture…

This Past Week in Goals
Even though I spent most of Sunday with fake cobwebs, I spent the rest of the week getting stuff done.  On the 10th/Thursday, I finished outlining TJ.  I figured that meant I deserved Friday off, as the pre-writing packet went from 1,500 words/12 pages (not filled in) to 13,000 words/39 pages (filled in).  So, Monday I decided to finish up the books sitting on coffee table (FRANKENSTEIN and MUSEUM OF THIEVES).

1015As for my studying goal, I met it.  Blog visits went off without a hitch.  Exercise goal?  Not so much.  I could claim back issues, which I am having.  But, that wasn’t it.  Rather than do my 20 minutes of Zumba on Monday, I chose to finish the second book.  If I had done the Zumba, I would have met my goal.  I made a choice.  (Not sure if that was a good or bad choice, to be honest.)

This Coming Week in Goals
If you look at my October goals, you’ll notice that there is just one more thing to do (aside from weekly exercise, studying, and visits).  I need to finish the rough draft for FLAMES.  I’m not sure if I’ll push for more words per day at this point.  That’s supposed to be a November thing.  So, instead I’ll say I need to write 7k this week (more than I need to finish, I think).  That number is based on my end of last round 1,750 per writing session.

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween?
Have you had to make a “choice” this week too?
Is there a goal you want to start sooner than you planned/intended to?

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12 thoughts on “Three Strikes! They’re Done!

  1. I can’t wait to see your decorations! I wish we had more Halloween stuff. This year I’m going with a spider theme outdoors. Indoors… well, same old. But I just discovered that the Victorian Trading Co. has AMAZING Halloween stuff, so when I win the lottery (ha!), I’ll have amazing interiors…

    I’m having back issues, too. I was blaming the mattress at the in-laws’ house, but maybe there’s a larger conspiracy here. Something to do with stopping us from meeting our goals because… Hmm.

    • We’re a little bit gothy, so I don’t need to decorate our indoors, so much. Skulls year round! 😀 For our stuff, we mostly go to a seasonal store, Halloween City. (It opens something like Oct 1 and closes Nov 1.) We love it there.

      I have a bad back, and I aggravated it a couple Sundays ago, when I went on a non-stop cleaning spree. Though, I totally can see my back getting in a conspiracy to thwart my goals. It loves couch time more than computer time.

  2. Aww, so glad you decorate for Halloween! I love this holiday, and especially enjoy seeing everyone’s house decorations. Good luck on your goals! I think there’s always those choice moments, since we all have such limited time. I usually choose reading over my other goals, too… 😉

    • YAY another Halloween lover! It is a big deal here. Halloween is my son’s birthday (born under a blue moon too) and our wedding anniversary. It is a fun holiday for sure, and I keep hoping it gets more love.

      Books/reading are always a good choice, for sure! I probably lack guilt due tot he fact I did 30 minutes of yoga that day, so I wasn’t just sitting on my butt (or, more accurately, laying on my couch) all morning.

  3. Well done on the goals and the Halloween décor looks brilliant. Halloween is getting bigger in the UK but still not to this scale. Good luck with the competition. x

    • America has a love/hate relationship with Halloween. So, does my town. The kids going trick or treating no longer happens on the proper day (the 31st) and happens during daylight, not dark. Yes, my town is like that. Yet they hold this contest, which isn’t typical of towns. Truth be told more houses do Christmas lights than Halloween decorations. Actually, in my town fewer houses are giving out candy every year, so the ones that hang Christmas lights might out number those too.

  4. I love your Halloweening. We aren’t much on decorating for holidays, here, but we do love seeing what others have done.

    I have a nephew born on October 29, and he adores Halloween. He nearly always has a Halloween based party.

    That’s cool about your Halloween blue-moon baby! And about all those goals. I think you did well, and that reading and cobwebs instead of Zumba is a fair trade-off.

    Good luck in the contest! =D

    • I can understand people not being into decorating. What I don’t like are the people that decorate then they aren’t home to give out candy. Lots of people do that here and it is sad.

      My sister-in-law was born the 30th and on my due date for my son (the 26th) I was at her Halloween/birthday party. We went since the hospital was closer to her house at the time. 😉 But, I love the Halloween/birthday party combo. It is the best!

      Thank you very much!

  5. Looking forward to pics/videos of the decor too. I LURV Halloween!

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