Writing Music: Punishment

This video tries to do things that just don’t work, at least for me.  That suit covered in chains.  Who thought that was a good idea?  I’m pretty sure it is broken in parts while he’s wearing it.  And, the most obvious bad choice of all, what the Koreans termed his “belt buckle dance.”  I’d rather call it a frontal wedgie (because it totally is).

The above phenomenon is not just isolated to this music video.  Other writers try to do things I just don’t get.  For example, there’s a line in Laurell K Hamilton’s first Anita Blake novel, GUILTY PLEASURES, that  hits me the wrong way.   It start off fine and then ends “melt-in-your-mouth sexy.” I can’t imagine this in any way that isn’t horror movie related.  I mean, the images in my head go to something almost as bad as the lust punishment in the Brad Pitt movie, SEVEN.

Why am I sharing this?  To remind you that writing and all entertainment is subjective.  Some people are down with “melt-in-your-mouth sexy” and the “belt buckle dance.”  Others, are not.

Artist: Roh ji Hoon

Do you have an “I don’t get it” line/book moment?
Is there a dance move/piece of clothing that makes you wince?
When does something stop being subjective and start being an issue?

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