Experiment: Writing Yoga

Picture by Hellogreenway

The Mad Writing Science Laboratory
Ignore the screams.
That’s just downward dog.

Why did this experiment come about?
#1- Many writers often try to find a balance for all that butt in chair, hands on keyboard time.  I’m one of them.  Just look at my ROW80 posts and you’ll see it.  Part of the solution for me is to exercise after I finish my writing time.  However, stretching time always felt like it took forever and didn’t get me to the good parts.

#2- My happy friend, A.D.D. likes to distract me.  I decided to let myself have breaks, while writing to make it less jittery and active.  I went through various options.  The first one I tried was online games.  But I found they often sucked me in and killed what writing time I had.  I tried lots of stuff.  Then, I heard this couple say that when they spent an hour (or so) at the computer, they’d take exercise breaks like lifting weights or dancing for five minutes.

How does this experiment work?
This one is pretty simple to explain.  I use this timer and set 3 types of times.  First, I set a writing time.  This is the part of the experiment is still fluctuating.  Then, I set a transition time.  This is the amount of time I need to write my words done during writing time, get up, go over to my yoga mat, remove any sleeping dogs, and enter mountain pose.  My third and final time, is yoga time.  I have this set at ten minutes (and always has been this much).  It isn’t guided.  I just do poses until it chimes at me.  Once yoga time is up, I go back to my computer and start the whole cycle again.

Notes on experiment:
Unlike other things that can linger in my mind, yoga is done and gone.  Most the time, i don’t even think about what I had been writing.  I focus more on getting my breathing and the pose right.  This total “blank” disconnect means I can pick up where I left off and still feel refreshed.

Finding a writing sweet spot is tricky, because initial start on any time is good.  The longevity of it, is what is questionable.  I am currently at 15 minutes.  When I started this experiment, I was at 30 minutes.  The key to this might be switching up times.  I’m not sure yet.

Any questions about my experiment?
Do you do anything out of the ordinary while writing?
Do you have any mad writing science laboratory experiments of your own?

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