Writing Music: Baby I’m Sorry

Today’s music video has “mobster” violence.  
There is death and blood.
And “underage” drinking.

Before I talk about the video I must confess to you. I’m lying when I say this is “writing music.”  I don’t write to this song.  However, I have seen this music video and found it powerful.  It also made me think.

I’ve seen movies with the same basic story as this video, which is only 7 minutes and 41 seconds.  This video, despite its length, tells the story very well (and unlike with movies at times without even words).  Of course, as movies and this music video are forms of storytelling, it gets me thinking about storytelling.  I don’t think length determines how much can happen in a story.  It is all in how you use your time/words to tell it.  And people that can fit a lot into a little… Well, they’re awesome.  

And so is this music video.  Seriously, check out all the story they pack in!  They also use a writing form my writing teacher taught me in high school.

Song: Baby. I’m Sorry

Do you spot the writing form my teacher taught me/the video used?
Can you think of a short story that feels as plot/story filled as a novel?
If you were a mobster, what would your mobster name be?

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3 thoughts on “Writing Music: Baby I’m Sorry

  1. Thanks for the forewarning. I’m still a little queasy today, so I’m going to skip this one, but still wanted to say hello! 🙂

    • I know violence isn’t everyone’s thing. And let me tell you, half the reason this stuck with me was because it was the first thing I watched on a Sunday.

      Spoiler: THEY ALL DIE! I’m not joking. It is like they took lessons from George RR Martian!

      • Ugh, I’ve heard that about George RR. One of these days when I’m feeling excessively happy I’ll pull out his book on my Kindle and give it a go. 😉

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