Welcome to the Mad Writing Science Lab


At the end of August, I posted the following to my personal facebook account:


Which got me to thinking, maybe I should talk more about some of these experiments.  Honestly, I felt better after I told everyone about my plan to rebuild myself as a writer (still in progress).  I don’t know why I should keep so hush, hush about them.

Actually, I do.

Part of me always intends to write about them “if they work.”  However, experiments either don’t work or are constantly evolving.  One experiment I’ve been doing started off as “reach x” and evolved.

Another part of me feels afraid to share, because I hear the mother of (Stephen King’s) Carrie in my head.

This is kind of fitting since it is the month of Halloween!

Anyways, I’ve decided to get past the fear and waiting for it to reach an end.  I’m going to share some of my experiments with you… Just not today.  See, they deserve and need posts for themselves.  That’s right!  For (most of) the month of October, I’ll be welcoming you to my mad writing science lab!  (Yes, Halloween is tainting all the things.)

P.S.- I do plan on doing more summer book reviews,
but I thought it would be weird alternating between
reviews and these posts.  

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