ROW80 Round 4 2013 Goals Post

EDIT: Apparently, this starts Oct 7.  I got a little post happy and jumped the gun.

WednesdayI’ve been thinking hard about this round.  Last year, I did everything in my power to be awesomely productive and finish the year on a high.  I even “threatened” myself with a Batsu Game.  (Which would have been very embarrassing, but fun in a weird way…)  For a bit, I considered doing this again.  But, right now, I think this would be a bad idea.

I’ve somehow entered a fear period in my writing career.  Pushing hard could lead me down bad roads.

So, instead, I’m going to use this round to get myself out of that fear zone!  I might not push myself as hard as usual, but I am going to get myself to move forward and away from being like this.  That way, come 2014, I can continue to work on making myself the writer I want to be.

I’ve divided the months into themes.  I thought that kind of focus might help me out.  All the goals in a month might not fit the theme, but the important ones will.

Regardless of Month Goals
Visit 2 ROWers Every Check-In

2012 house right

Also in October, we’ll be entering my town’s Halloween decorating contest again. (Picture is from last year’s entry.)  This year it will be “Little People’s Graveyard” themed, thanks to our new zombie garden gnome.

October – Finish It
Finish Outlining TJ – This is the next novel I plan to write.
Finish Writing FLAMES
Resume Exercising – Let’s do (at least) 500 calorie per week for this month.

November – Start It
Read Through/Make Notes on GRANDMA 
Start Editing GRANDMA
Pick a Book & Read It– At a rate of (at least) 25 pages per week.
Start Writing TJ – With a slowly increasing goal amount (trying to reach 2k per writing session by end of round).
Writer Vacation – November 6-12
Increase Exercise #1 – 1,000 calories per week, after that vacation.

December – Evaluate It
Come Up With Questions About My Focus/Goals
Answer Questions
Continue GRANDMA Edits
Continue Writing TJ
Continue Reading Book
Increase Exercise #2 – 1,500 calories per week when December starts

At the start of every month, I’ll discuss how I plan to tackle these goals and hopefully explain them better.  I’ll discuss October’s goal’s during the first check-in.

What are your October decorating plans?
What’s a batsu game you’d consider doing?
Not a ROWer?  Interested?  Then, click this link.

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 4 2013 Goals Post

  1. Organisation both scares me and stirs envy. Great goals.. I never thought about doing them monthly. I did entre and clause for change though 😀 X

    • I saw someone make goals monthly as the round goes before… I want to say it was Fallon Brown, though I can’t be sure. Anyways, I think that inspired the layout. Though the main part of it stays true to what I need to do to move forward out of my current state of mind. It isn’t fun being scared of something you can’t stop doing. And I don’t want to let fear stop me.

  2. Nice goals. They are very s.m.a.r.t. :o) Have a great Round!

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