Writing Music: Rose

Because, I found the monster manual to be the best book.

In this video, you’ll see her at one point with a large rose headdress, lace dress, and strange eyes.  I was inspired by this look to come up with what she is (along the lines of my rpg-dice-rolling-slay-the-dungeon interests).  I hope you enjoy.

Dryad (Rose Variant)
Though most people are familiar with the concept/existence of Dryads from trees, plant spirits are not limited to just that form.  Almost as common as the tree variant, the Rose Dryad is a spirit that can manifest itself into human form once the rose bush is “old enough.”  This, of course, is an unknown age to us outsiders, though some say a century is about right.

Where they are often seen, and overlooked, is in palace gardens around the world.  Here they are nurtured and grown for as long as the plant holds strong and the royalty deems them fit.  These Rose Dryads tend to like to manifest during palace functions to mingle among the sophistication and finer things (such as themselves).

Wild roses also grow spirits.  These tend to be more thorn than flower in plant and in spirit personality.  They often mingle with other dryad types.  Though, they are careful around trees (as the tree dryads can use their leaves to put the rosebush in shade and kill the Rose Dryad).

Like other Dryads, the Rose Dryads lead people to their doom, promising a tryst or luring a person to pluck a flower from its bush.  They wrap themselves around the body and draw nutrients from the body up into itself, leaving only clothes and dust behind.  You can tell when a Rose Dryad has recently eaten, because the bush will become extremely vibrant and twice as beautiful.  Most palace gardeners tend to attribute this to fertilizers or plant food.

Song: ROSE
Artist: Lee Hi

What other types of dryads can you think of?
Do you have a favorite monster/creature?
Anything you’d add to my description?

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3 thoughts on “Writing Music: Rose

  1. I love how artistic this is. Great imagery. If only I could write imagery like this shows. Someday….

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